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Which One Sounds Cool?

I Want Particles! 12 vote(s) 60.0%
I Want Titles! 3 vote(s) 15.0%
I Want Both! 5 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Ok, so with EULA coming out, we will have to change some supporter features. This sucks, but why not make it better by adding in new features!

    So this idea is simple, particle effects that can be purchased during 2 week-long sales that show up during certain holidays, and that sort of represent that holiday, or reason for the "sale". For Christmas, you could have Red and White wool block break particles around the player, representing a Candy Cane. For Valentine's Day, you could have a "Halo" of hearts around the player's head. There could be many more particle effects, and these particles could be toggled through /particle. This would open up a GUI that shows what particles the player has unlocked, and these will remain on. Please note, in 1.9 this WILL NOT LAG players because particles will no longer be rendered as entity, causing little to no lag!

    This is a simple one, the ability to purchase Titles. These would be limited edition, exclusive to month. These would be different phrases that would be shown in front of a players name in chat. These could be random things that are related to the server, and would obviously be changed monthly in the shop. Here's a few I think would fit us quite nicely


    And if more are wanted by you guys, I can provide PLENTY more. There would also be the choice of a custom one, and it's made by the player who buys it, however it costs more. All titles would be color-changeable, and you could Underline them, Italic them, and Strike-Through them. This would be done through /titlecolor. If an inappropriate title is made, the player will be punished as if it were said in chat, and they would lose the title permanently. All of these titles would be a lifetime purchase, and typing /title would bring up a GUI showing the player's unlocked titles. Titles could also be won at Drop Parties, where books would be dropped saying "Free Title" and when opened it would read, "You have won any title of your choice from the month of (Current Month)! Please PM Krysyy on the forums what title you would like, and put this book in your vault to redeem your title!"

    Tell me what you guys think, as long as it's not rude! Thanks for reading it, I know it's a little long.
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  2. Wait they are trying that EULA stuff again?
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  3. This wouldn't violate EULA because its just cosmetics
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  4. I would be for having the particles to last a month like the supporter rank and have many different ones, seems better to me than having only a themed 2 week holiday or festive one. +1 tho supporter are looking way too much like normal players, there should be more stuff to upgrade the look.
  5. Well we technically never stopped

    That's what I was saying, it's not a violation so we will be able to keep it.

    The particle effects are lifetime, but each effect sold is in shop for only 2 weeks
  6. I like the particle idea, but I don't understand the point of the titles.
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  7. I like it, expecially titles +1 ^-^
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  8. I like the ideas. As for Title, maybe even limited edition Actual /Title commands on your residenced. That'd be awesome lol
  9. And what about custom music on your res? It could be playbacks from music blocks composition so no extra downloads necessary.
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  10. The titles are just for fun and looks
  11. If Mojang isn't going to actively enforce it, then we don't have to follow it. When the EULA stuff originally became a problem when they talked about enforcing it versus using what was said as legal protection. I see no new news about Mojang bringing up the EULA changes again so we shouldn't consider changing for it.
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  12. To be honest I think of what you are saying might be half good, but at the same time half bad, but that is my thoughts on this
  13. Is this to me or someone else?
    Well we've been in the "process" of changing it for a while.
  14. No this isn't for you but just reference of the EULA
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  15. Nope we aren't doing anything.

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  16. Ok how bout I re-word that. They have plans for some issues. Also, this discussion isn't about whether or not we're getting EULA changes. I'm just suggesting a few really cool supporter features. Now, let's get back on topic.
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  17. +1, would be cool and trippy having particals around Sparticals
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  18. Particles +1 but titles will just make chat extremely messy
    EDIT: And voted wrong in the poll :rolleyes:
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