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  1. We have srn. staff services, but here is a service that any staff member can do.
    Now that regular moderators can run a mob arena, I think that it would be good for events.

    How it works:

    - You must have 16 people registered to attend the event in a thread, anyone can play, you can't restrict who plays unless you are hosting a "private party". Private party you need 20 people registered for the event in a thread / convo and at least 16 must attend for event to start.
    - You must have a staff member hosting the event ( obviously ) who knows prior to the event and agrees with all your terms, times, etc. THE STAFF WOULD BE DOING THIS AS A KIND THING, THEY WILL NOT GO BY YOUR SCHEDULE.
    - You must supplies all of the prizes, or someone must be supplying a prize if their will be one, if you are just playing the event for fun this doesn't need to be worried about, but if you are playing for a prize the staff will not be responsible.
    - You will have to pay 50k to the moderator for this service.
    - At the moderator's discretion, they can temp ban / kick players who break the rules and are ruining the event. If someone repeats this offense at an event ran by the same moderator, the moderator can have a choice to not let them play in their event's anymore.
    - It will follow all regular mob arena rules, bring what you are fine with losing - if the player who is hosting the event wants to throw in special rules, the players must follow.

    Please tamper with this idea, because I think it would be a good addition.
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  2. I love the idea but 50000r? For something huge the mods always show up. I think it should be available on request for free.
  3. We need more rupee drains :p
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  4. I do not see why not.
    I like the 50k, but perhaps the amount of players can be at 8 or 10 since servers only have capacity for 60 people and your OP is asking for 1/4 of the server to participate.

    To me, 50k allows all people to chip in to the cost.
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  5. I like this idea.
    Maybe player supported Mob Arenas? I think that'd be cool to see :p
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  6. This sounds great except for the 50k, if this were to happen I don't think the 50k should be kept the Moderator running the event. When you pay for existing staff services, the money is not kept by the senior staff who does it, your rupees are simply adjusted to reflect the change. If the money was kept it would suggest to people that the staff could be paid off to run events whenever they feel like it. It would enforce that the event is being run not because of the money, but because the staff would like to do so only if they have the time.
  7. I agree, I think I was thinking that, but just not great at putting my thoughts into words :p.
    But yes, the money could either go into the event as a prize, or "deleted".
  8. Perhaps given to EmpireMinecraft? Somehow the staff could see it with some magical powers maybe.
  9. They can easily see so, through rupee logs.
    Perhaps you just have to buy a "token" of some sort from a shop sign?
  10. "Mob Arena Voucher"
  11. Could (probably) easily enough just give mods access to /r adjust, just only allowing negatives, and having a confirmation message/command for players.
  12. Pretty Over-Powered for the Moderator rank... Just forward it to another account that doesn't matter.
  13. It's not really when you think about it, considering players will be confirming it. If it was just "we can adjust your rupees upwards or downwards without asking" then I wouldn't suggest it, but for something where it's "We initiate a transaction to delete the rupees, and you confirm it", I don't really see the problem - especially since it could probably be hooked up to Square with a reason, so that we know players bought the service, instead of it being "So which of these 1000 payments is what?...". :p
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  14. Forwarding on from this idea.
    -Group of people want to run a MA.
    -Person representing them PMs staff of choice.
    -Staff accepts if time/date okay.
    -Representing person buys a "MA Voucher" of some sort from an Empire Shop sign with 50k contributed by group.
    -Staff can see on rupee logs
    -Event continues.
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  15. Just seems unnecessary (and yes I misinterpreted it a bit)

    ... It's cool if players want staff to run events, but they will (no matter what) only be able to when they are available. Personally I don't see the need for a rupee cost associated with it... (especially since I wouldn't benefit, and would not feel comfortable being paid).
  16. My personal view: I do not like the idea of "private" party at all. Anything that will exclude others is not community friendly and I do not endorse.
  17. What if you just want to play with some close friends? I dont see it as purposely saying to people you dont want them, just sometimes you might want only want to play with friends.
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  18. What she said.
  19. Groups can exclude others.

    This can be used for birthdays and such. They may want to invite the entire server or just their few best friends. Nobody has to know about it. It is not like there is going to be some red message "Derp is have a private mob arena party, you cannot come"
  20. Hmm, I think 16 people might be a bit to many people. What about lowering it down a bit? You could still have 16 people at your event, but I'll bet it can be difficult to get that many people committed to be there ahead of time :/
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