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Is this a good idea?

Yes 5 vote(s) 26.3%
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Depends 5 vote(s) 26.3%
Aikar! 9 vote(s) 47.4%
  1. Being on EMC as long as I have been I've noticed we lose a lot of players because they simply don't understand the rupee system. My solution to this would be adding a new, optional rupee tutorial recommended for all new players who have completed the tutorial, but of course not a required part of joining EMC. I do realize there is a section in the empire guide for this, but I don't think new members read this thoroughly enough. I think the addition of a feature like a rupee tutorial would help EMC keep new members we get.

    Just a suggestion, thanks!
    Questions or comments, just comment below!
  2. Firstly, new members SHOULD read the Guide in it's entirety before attempting the tutorial.
    Secondly, a rupee tutorial might give the impression that we are an economy server when that is not the case.
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  3. Not a bad idea. I didn't realize that people found the system difficult...
    It's not all that complex if you ask me.
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  4. lol, and there's that.
    we have one of the most simplest money systems that a server can have.
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  5. I agree, they should read the guide, but many fail to. They may read it later but they do not want to waste their time if they don't think EMC is as addictive as it is. Its simple once you learn it, but for those who have never been on multi player it may be complex. Also a question or statement could be made in the tutorial saying that we are not a economy server.
  6. What I don't get is how players go through tutorial - with one of the paths asking what is the command to find an open res (/v open) ... then when they join 5 min later, they ask 'how do i find an open res' ... just saying.
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  7. Yeah that really boggles my mind...
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  8. See the thing is players don't care about going through the commands because the tutorial is so long if you get lost (took me an hour) all you want to do is get out. My suggestion is that it not be so long in future smps
  9. It took you an hour?!?!? If your read the rules it literally takes 10 minutes.
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  10. I was one of those people that didn't read the rules :(
  11. The rupee system isn't all that hard. And if people have questions they should look them up in the guide.
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  12. Perhaps some paths could lead to a special room with signs and teleport reading "It seems you're quite lost. Did you read the guide? Step here to return to the start." :)

    I was thinking about writing an EMC economy overview, but idk how many players would read like 2k words :)
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  13. Write a short, brief paragraph to sum it up.
  14. As Rainbow said, it gives the impression we're a hardcoar economy server. Although I would very much like a hardcore economy server seperate from the mainstream SMP servers, maybe eco1-9, or just 'economy'.
    Users could create banks and receive loans from an Empire Central Bank, with automatic interest rates to regulate the economy. Yes...
  15. I'd read it, I wrote an overview once :)
  16. It seems kinda reasonless. If they can make it through tutorial let them figure it out. We shouldn't have to build them. Tutorial for rupees. It's rather simple and if they don't understand help the noob verbally, it makes them feel better and they know we have kind community
  17. EMC economy does have special properties that are somewhat counter-intuitive and not everyone will understand that right away. Like free rupees and the /shop :)
    Then there are many details from past discussions, there could be a decent FAQ.
    Then the history of EMC economy...
    Also some people don't fully understands that while EMC is not an "economy server", meaning that economy is not the central point of interest of the majority and the game isn't about making rupees, that economy is vital part of the community and everyday life and development of most of the characters, no matter what they do.
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  18. EMC isn't a hard core economy server, but it can be considered a an economy server as it has the shop system and money.