[SUGGESTION]New Res Message Option for all players

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How do you feel about this idea?

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  1. So, I was planning on going into business with somebody, but neither of us are supporters. We quickly arrived at a problem: All of our residences had only one of our names in it, and neither was willing be the single face of the business while letting the other be a secret underground person whose office was in a tree. So, here's my proposal.

    Currently, if you go onto a res with a plain res message, the message is always as follows:
    Welcome to [playername]'s Residence!

    I think there should be a simple option that all players could use to access another default setting:
    Welcome to Residence [res number]!

    This could be accomplished with simple commands to change back and forth:
    • Player Name Option - /res message playername
    • Res Number Option - /res message resnumber
    I think that this would be a great feature for many players who wish to create something with friends or simply to more easily display their residence number. I would definitely use this! Please provide feedback on the idea, and I'll add any good notes that people make. :)
  2. I personally am very fond of this idea. I would like to see this implemented. +1!
  3. +1 to this its really good and I don’t like seeing my name every time I go to my res .... just reminds me that I didn’t buy this account but my brother did :/
  4. This would be a great idea! +1
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  5. Sounds pretty doable. I'll add to the list I have to talk with Aikar about when we next get a moment. He or chickeneer can likely fire it out as a mini-update along with some other things pending if approved.
  6. Nice! I own a spleef arena on a res, 11313, and whenever i show people around they are like "isnt this strawberries4me's res?"
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  7. Wow, that's the second great res message suggestion in a week!
    Well thought out, I think this should surely happen.
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  8. I probably wouldn't use this myself (and I'm not saying that because I already changed most of my res. messages) but I can definitely see the advantages here. So yah, I'm a supporter too.

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  9. +1 indeed, I don't think it should be just gold and diamond supporters being able to do this, I think this option should be open to everyone.
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  10. Sounds great but I sorta don't got a use for it =p

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  11. Interesting how the "+1" actually got a thing. I honestly wasn't expecting it to catch on.
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  12. I think this option should also be open to everyone as well.
  13. +1
    What does +1 mean? Isn't there a like button?
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  14. I like this idea very much! +1
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  15. There is, so I don't really get why everyone's saying that :p
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  16. +1 origionated off of a social network called Google+. To like a page you'd hit the "+1" button on the site, people on here just do this for fun or to say that they like it. -1 is a dislike.
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