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What do you think of this promo:D?

Should this be a promo? 11 vote(s) 64.7%
Should this not be a promo? 6 vote(s) 35.3%
  1. Hey, Me and my friend were mining one day and we were thinking of labor day. So we were like"Hmm what can we do/think of to make labor day better and difernt for emc". So we thought of a promo that you can carry items inside of it, This promo whould be a chest, This chest whould not be soulbound and can only hold 9-18 slots. Also we thought that so if a player thinks they can just buy multiple chests that they can have so much storage but with "Aikar Magic" If you put items in a chest they will be linked to each other so you cannot have like 10 promo chests with a whole lot of items.(Forgot to add they whould not be linked across servers.) If a player does happen to die the items in that chest/promo will not drop out/still be inside. So ya, theres some small little details that we were thinking but i just wanted to share this idea with the community and gets some ideas/thoughts on this promo:)
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  2. Good idea, but it might be too over powered to have a chest that is soulbound and will hold items...maybe if it wasn't soulbound... ?
  3. :)
  4. Whoops LOL I read it wrong but I still think it is overpowered.
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  5. This would be Way to over powered as said, we already have vaults so i don't see any use for it in game.
  6. I suggest filling out the promo suggestion form here so it is easy to find for whoever is responsible for promos (Krysyy I think). Also to everyone saying this is overpowered, it would just be a smaller version of an ender chest. I personally like this idea as I dont want to see another Labor Bench and find myself always wanting more room to store stuff when going resource gathering in the waste/wild.
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  7. I like this promo/idea. +1
  8. I like the idea of "soulbounding" normal objects in EMC. Perhaps a smaller capacity though, so its not too OP.
  9. This item will not be soulbound.
  10. Is extra inventory(and it is not op, in my opinion)

    But i dont totally support this because EMC is mainly vanilla and making extra inventory possible would ruin that vanilla feel(my opinion)

    And to answer the poll question(if this ever happens).no, I would say to be able to buy 1 at shop for x ruppees and if you somehow loose it(dying) then be able to buy another one
  11. It would still give objects a soulbound effect though right? Like if you lose the chest the objects inside are safe kind of like an enderchest you don't need to place to use. Kinda fits in with the labor bench, it lets you craft without placing. This is like an enderchest that you can use without placing.
  12. +1 for OP Promos
  13. Having OP promos isn't necessarily the best thing......but your choice.
  14. So you want a chest that holds things even if you die ?? We call this a vault right ?
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  15. Vault cant be used in wild, I think that is the difference. Its like a labor bench addition of the enderchest I think.
  16. Exactly what I said :p
  17. So basically another ender chest but with lore on it.
  18. Yup.
    Like an enderchest with less space.
    Not really liking this idea.
    Doesn't really seem to do much with labor day, anyway.
    How about a pickaxe?
    Reminds me of labor, at least xD
  19. Idk, I don't think that this item should be op, honestly I just don't want labor benches anymore. And yes this item should be able to be bought at the store for like maybe 10k or something but it's to help you just get stuff around. If we could use our vault in the waste/wild then emc should be so much easier.