[Suggestion]New name for nonsupporters

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  1. I know this is kinda pointless but i thought a cool name for nonsupporters would be quartz as the rest are named from the minerals. Just food for thought.
  2. I think sometimes people refer to non-supporters as quartz members, but you kind of pay for the rank. I see no downsides or upsides.

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  3. A not so cool name could be: coal... JK
  4. I feel this defeats the purpose of supportership; calling a non-supporter a name to signify a rank, makes him/her seem as if he/she is supporting, even though he/she isn't.
  5. I've seen servers call non donators hobos, it gets funny. "Is he rich?" "Yeah, but he's a hobo"
  6. Honestly, I think that adding a name signifies the adding of a rank; as a result, the lack of a name signifies the lack of a rank. Calling non-supporters "quartz" might cause players (specifically new players) to think that there is a difference between regular players and quartz players, resulting in a lot of confusion. :)
  7. Alright it will just be my little name for em:)
  8. personally, I even value quartz more than every other ore, haha. Maybe it's because the lil' tikes like us are the foot of the economy :3 #represant
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  9. you can call me a quartz member any time! <3 :D
  10. There is a Quartz supporter rank, not many people know about it. I am a Quartz supporter though :)

    Also, this would be a nice April Fools update.
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  11. i call em vanillas :)
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  12. I just call them normals.
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  13. I can em' "Defaults" cause that's what they actually are =P:p=P
  14. Better a rich hobo then a poor one with diamond tag :D