[SUGGESTION] New Method of Choosing New Staff

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Eh. Not bad, not good. 3 vote(s) 8.1%
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No, this should've never been suggested and the way they do it now is better. 20 vote(s) 54.1%
  1. So last night, I was talking to one of my banned EMC friends (not saying who, although the mods might figure it out :p) on Kik, and he was ranting on about how "corrupt" the staff and admins are, and I was disagreeing with everything he was saying. That is, until he said something that really caught my eye: The staff should be chosen by the players of EMC for a better relationship. I agreed, and came up with this. Players can continue submitting application forms, but the questions are less strict on who's a mod and who's not, and about 50-100 (or less) applications are chosen. Then, the names of the accepted applications are posted as a poll on a thread. My idea of what the poll would look like is below.

    June 2013 Moderator Poll

    ☐ Aikar
    ☐ 5chris100
    ☐ PewDiePie
    ☐ AlexChance
    ☐ Dinnerbone
    ☐ SkythekidRS
    ☐ Notch

    So, in a nutshell, the admins (or whoever does it) choose a few handfuls of applications they think are good, then have the community vote for who'll be moderator. Obviously, so there can't be any trolls, it can be limited so you can only choose a few players, like 5. Let's hear what you guys think! Let the people be heard!

    EDIT: After reading posts about this possibly becoming all about popularity, maybe the players can submit a reason for why they think their choices should be moderator.
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  2. I think that the Senior Staffs & Super Admins should be the ones picking staff!
    They've already done an awesome job, :)
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  3. There is a lot more that goes into picking moderators than most people realize. The snr staff and admins take weeks, sometimes months, to decide who will be a good member of the staff once a precious few are selected.

    Community voting will turn into a popularity contest and that is something we as a team do not want.
  4. Nope, far too possible for favouritism, people will only vote for their friends.
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  5. Well, that's the thing. Players have to submit a good reason why they think their choices should be moderator. Adding this into thread now.
  6. So, this'll be yours, then.
    June 2013 Moderator Poll

    ☐ Aikar
    ☐ 5chris100
    ☑ PewDiePie
    ☐ AlexChance
    ☐ Dinnerbone
    ☐ SkythekidRS
    ☐ Notch
  7. But they would still do so.
  8. Still....What about the people that are great at being neutral in debates, help out new players, etc, but never really talk to people as much? Those are the best qualities of a moderator, yet they would be overlooked in the search through this method.
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  9. I don't think this would work:
    Q: Why do you think RainbowChin should be moderator?
    A: Bcuz hes rly awsum and kool and he duznt greef and hes mi frend
  10. You literally just read my mind. That box at the end of the application, "Why do YOU think you should be a moderator?" could be on the main thread in a spoiler so players can tell who can do what. Also, take in mind that the admins (or whoever) have to approve of the applications first.
  11. I heard one of the staff became a moderator 2 days after he joined EMC. :confused:
  12. MileHi? That's Justin's alt.
  13. Isn't it just too easy to just make up a fake reason? :/
  14. This is selecting people to hold a bandhammer that could be swung at any of thousands, not a popularity contest.
  15. No, it wasn't him. I forgot the guys name, but he said it ingame on smp1.
  16. Aren't there already fake reasons in the present forms?
  17. There are a lot of factors that come into play when staff members are picked. Voting for staff members wouldn't work out because some or most of these factors can be ignored. Favoritism is a large factor in polls (As I've seen from contests), and that can give less known members who may work harder than the others, a lesser chance of being selected.. The way we're doing things now is working.

    Also most of the people who believe "EMC Staff are corrupt and out of control, etc.", are players who have been banned for legitimate reasons.
  18. Sorry, we will always stick to the way we have chosen staff and I won't budge on this idea. There is a reason that we have one of the only servers on the planet where you don't hear complaints about the staff and how they act (unless it's from a crying player who broke the rules) and I plan on keeping us this way. All the suggestions you've given are valid from an outside view, so you're not "wrong" to think how you are, but I've been doing this for over 6 years now and have tried every possible way to choose a winning staff team, and what we have now is as perfect as it can get. I know that's cocky to say, but I worked hard to get it this way, so I think I can have a little bit of pride in it. :)
  19. As Krysyyjane9191 said, there is more than you realize that goes into selecting new staff members. The Admins do an excellent job at choosing them for Emc. I've seen some players have said they deserved being staff because they helped new members by showing them the ropes, helping someone out if they been griefed and etc. Most players don't realize how stressful the position can be at times and drive us nuts for little while... but I digress. Let's just keep things how they are and keep playing Empire Minecraft. :D
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  20. "Players can continue submitting application forms, but the questions are less strict on who's a mod and who's not"

    they arent really that strict as it is, any less stringent and youll have every tom blank and harry applying the day after they join emc cause they wanna be able to tp to their friends
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