{Suggestion} New Halloween Promos

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What should be implemented into EMC?

Horsman's Horse 13 vote(s) 81.3%
Vampire Teeth 11 vote(s) 68.8%
Vampire Head 13 vote(s) 81.3%
Wooden Stake 10 vote(s) 62.5%
The Vampire 13 vote(s) 81.3%
None of these! (Please explain why) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi all. Today I thought up of some new Halloween promos! Yes Halloween may have just passed by, but these could possibly be used for future Halloweens. As of now, we only have promos related to the Headless Horseman. So here are my thoughts on new ones:

    Horseman's Horse
    128% Speed
    80% Jump
    35 HP
    Please do suggest a lore :)
    This horse will be obtained in the Halloween bundle

    Vampire Teeth
    Sharpness IV

    When a entity gets hit, it will get withered for 2 seconds. This is obtained by the Vampire which will be later explained
    Lore: You feel a thirst for blood..
    Item: Ghast tear

    Vampire Head
    When equipped, speed will be gained for 3 minutes along with 10 seconds of strength. 10 minute cooldown. This head is obtained by the Vampire miniboss which will be explained below

    Lore: You smell delicious blood..

    Wooden Stake
    Sharpness 5 stick

    When used against an entity that has a vampire head equipped, the entity will get withered for 3 secconds. This will also be obtained by the Vampire

    The Vampire
    The Vampire will spawn during Halloween and a few days after. As previously mentioned, it will have the Vampire Head and Vampire Teeth equipped. The Vampire will be a Zombie, but it'll also need some clothing. To make sure it doesn't give away too many promos, the clothing worn will only be a normal red leather tunic, black leather pants and boots. This can be changed if wanted. To make sure the promos dropped by the Vampire, all promos will have a 1-3% drop rate.

    What are your thoughts on these promos? If you like the idea, make sure to vote in the poll :)
  2. Love them all! This one specifically can definitely be a great idea in 1.9 when the skeleton horse comes out.
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  3. We already have promos this year as you likely know, but as for next year, having a quick glance over these tells me that they seem okay and most could be considered :) There's a promo ideas form that you can fill out nearer to the time, or now if you want to, that goes to Krysyy so that she can take on board the ideas and see if there are any that she would like to add :D
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  4. I believe the skeleton horse is already available in 1.8. Please do correct me if I'm mistaken :)
  5. I think only though commands though. In 1.9 it will be obtainable through a special event.

    Edit: Here is some info:

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  6. As I said, these promos can be considered for next year. If this thread receives mostly positive results, I will submit it :)
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  7. As I said, I believe that they can be considered for next year and that there are some good ideas here, so if you'd like to, feel free to go and submit that form - no harm in doing so :)
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  8. I Like these ideas. +1 :)
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  9. All of these are good
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  10. The Vampire could also have an Elytra seeing as 1.9 will mostly likely be released by next year's Halloween.

    Also: "A black mist blocks your passage..." then Blindness is added up until you kill the Vampire. Milk cannot get rid of it too.

    The Czar of Halloween: "Menacing laughter echoes from each direction..." a skeleton which wears a pumpkin head (player head) and dyed purple leather armour (including leggings and boots) with Protection V, Fire Protection 4 and Unbreaking 2 with Final and Soulbound. These items will drop but will be rare. He can also drop his head named "Czar's Skull" with a lore of "May the legend live on..." this will have enchantments Thorns 3 and Protection 3, it will be Final and Soulbound. This will be very rare. As for his normal drops, he'll drop 6 Jack O' Lanterns and 1-4 Haunted Candy.

    EDIT: The Czar of Halloween's weapon will be a diamond pickaxe named "Haunted Battlepickaxe" it could have Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 3, Silk Touch, Fire Aspect 4 and Sharpness 5 on it (it will be both a weapon and a tool).
    Lore: "What souls are going to be corrupted tonight?" this along with the Czar's Skull will be very rare. The miniboss can summon witches renamed to "Czar's Guardian".
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  11. If the horse is obtainable in /promo then 135% speed is too high. It would ruin the horse market temporarily
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  12. +1 these are all good. I like the weapon suggestions the best! :)
  13. skeleton horses were added in 1.8 and EMC has them. don't remember which SS had one tamed sump's spawn(saw it like 8 months ago, i believe)
  14. Chin has a zombie horse.
    (RainbowChin's Steed)

    SMP1 spawn is where I last saw it.
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  16. Chins steed is at 5 :p
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  17. Changed the horse speed to 128%
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  18. Yes I am aware of that but they were not obtainable without commands like i mentioned above. In 1.9 they will be obtainable through game play.
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  19. If we get this, I want a Wooden Stake promo.
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