[Suggestion] Nerf enraged silverfish

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  1. The enraged silverfish is a devastating little critter. I have witnessed several new players rage quit within an hour of being on emc when they went to go mining and then ran into the silverfish. On difficulty 5 with starter armor, they don't stand a chance. I love the enraged silverfish and the creativity behind its creation but it is turning out to be more of a pest than I think it is intended to be. Of course, this wouldn't be the case if it didn't catch these new players on fire and wither away their health so swiftly.
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  2. free steel for all, nerf those little bleeps to Tartarus.
  3. Gawa, what are your thoughts on ps setting: enraged OFF for new players?

    Honestly, I have witnessed this as well, but not limited to silverfish - rabbits, zombies etc.
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  4. it doesn't matter if they CAN change it if they have no idea they can before they rage quit. Besides, the difficulty of killing these things doesn't change just because you can turn off enraged spawns.

    Edit: I can't think of any other enraged spawn that fouls up new players like the silverfish. The rabbit is kind of hilarious but they usually survive that long enough to at least run away.
  5. Sorry, I meant as a default - but yes, a nerf would certainly help
  6. Add onto the suggestion, could we have a selection of what enraged mobs will spawn?

    I agree to the nerf, silverfish are hard to hit even without being enraged.
  7. I agree that enraged silverfish do need a major adjustment in difficulty. Perhaps their spawn rate should be limited to only difficulty 8+. Will discuss more with Aikar...
  8. a nerf would be good, but making them only diff 8+ doesn't look like a great idea to me
    this because, if you want to hunt those little boggers you'll have to use way to many tools/armour/weapons with the damage your tools take
    i mostly play on diff 7 just for that reason
    the extra challenge is fun, but only if you can expect it.
    making them off on default not a bad idea.

    another mob i can really rage on are the ghasts, in general when you see them coming they aren't that hard
    but if you don't, and they hit you directly without having some good armour
    you are as good as dead. maybe those also need a small change.

    now i know this might need a new thread because it's a seperate idea
    but i think it fits well in this conversation.
    This idea would be to be able to seperatly turn off enraged mobs
    now in my opinion most enraged mobs like zombies, skeletons, … don't need this
    but being able to turn off only the enraged ghasts would really make my day
    same might be about the silverfish
    by making them seperate on/off switches you could make silverfish and ghasts on default off
    while the easier enraged mobs will still show themselves
    this way the new players will see that there are more mobs to discover, and might find their way to the harder mobs they can turn on.

    I hope it's a bit clear, i'm not the best at explaining ideas :)
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  9. 6+ would be fine. just having them spawn on new people is the only issue i can see with them tbh
  10. I am not a proponent for individual kill switches for enraged mobs. Difficulty is determined as a combination of these spawns available. For example, hunting enraged skeletons isn't all that hard at diff 8, but what makes it difficult is that at any moment another diff 8 spawn could arrive and mess up your day. That's what makes it a risk to play at the higher difficulty and higher risk deserves the reward.
  11. i totally get this, i really don't mind the mobs, as i can expect that they will spawn.
    except for the ghasts, it's not just an Arrow in the back
    even at diff 5 an enraged ghast can kill you with one shot if you don't have full Diamond armor
    and if you survive the initial blast, you are still on fire with no water nearby sometimes.
    i've had this happen multiple times on diff 5
    and i really like all the enraged mobs, they really are fun
    but if i venture out i Always have to turn off enraged just because of the ghasts
    yesterday i died to a ghast while 25k out exploring, flying back (elytra) to where i died really isnt fun if its that far.

    maybe activate the silverfish and ghast from diff 6+ like gawa stated
  12. From what you described, the ghast likely needs a rebalancing or higher difficulty minimum. I'll review the current mobs with aikar and determine necessary changes to ensure that the difficulties are balanced.
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  13. We've reviewed the mobs and made a few adjustments. We did not change the difficulty as the tier level is not something aikar wanted to mess with. However, spawn rates and damage/speed of the mobs were adjusted. I'll also be working to expand our education to newer players of the dangers in the wild so they are more prepared.
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  14. I like the idea of new player default settings. Maybe new players should have enraged and bosses turned off until they turn them on? There could be a revision of the turorial to let them know that they will have those features turned off until they want them turned on.
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  15. [note: I don't have any experience with the "newer" enraged mobs, all is based on personal thinking and interpretation from what others say] I think that this is a really good and necessary thing! As is also pointed out in the other recent suggestion, I think that new(er) players often lack proper knowledge about the custom mobs EMC has.

    While writing this, I came up with a completely new idea... how about extending the difficulty levels from 1-10 to 1-15? What I would suggest that this would do, is have the standard level at level 5, and have level 5 feature all special mobs, but at a decreased difficulty - a difficulty new(er) players should be able to deal with. Then have level 8 or 10 or so be more like the current level 5, and actively tell (perhaps through messages when killing enraged mobs? "Like this mob? Want to see more and fight them with greater difficulty and get more items? Bump up your difficulty a bit, or see [this thread/wiki] for more information!") players that they can switch. This would keep the newer players safer, while still showing our custom mobs off, and allowing for a greater challenge for those who wish so.
  16. We currently do not have a way to isolate first experiences for boss run-ins, but it's something that we've discussed before. Note, what you suggest would require a reworking of the system and is therefore not as easy as just adjusting a few damage/hp/speed values, as we have done in order to make a quick work solution for an immediate problem.
  17. Hmm... perhaps something that checks the token history? (total amount?)

    Agreed. :) Figured I'd just share the idea, as it seemed to me like it could be interesting. :) Perhaps, in order to not have to rework the entire system but "just" adjust some values, make 3 or 4 the new "standard level", and basically implement all the rest I mentioned in my post above. Either way, just food for thought. :)
  18. A skeleton or zombie might typically spawn 20 blocks away or more. I often see them in the distance while moving across a desert or grassland which gives me the opportunity to engage with them or pass them by. When I mine a silverfish they spawn right in my face and usually in an enclosed area like a tunnel or pit. I don't feel like I have as much control over the situation as I do with the other mobs. They remind me a bit of netherhounds, in that, if you get a pack of them close to you you are definitely taking damage and have very little control of what happens.

    I recently spawned silverfish just after I had mined some coal and died in the little pit I had created because I was on fire and was overwhelmed since I couldn't see how to jump back out. As I recall I died again getting my things back too. If I am caught near a lava pit, in water, near a cliff, or with other hostile mobs attacking that is likely to kill me also.

    I think it would be better to spawn one enraged silverfish "boss" that spreads fire and have the rest be normal silverfish, or maybe just spawn a couple of enraged ones. I think it would give me a better chance of backing off to get the situation under control or to evade them like I might other enraged mobs.

    Regarding ghasts, normal ghasts have always been a problem for me since they seem to be able to target us from the edge of vision range and often the first sign that one is nearby is a fireball blowing up at my feet. I haven't encountered an enraged ghast but it sounds like one could kill me before I even know what is happening.
  19. (While we're at it, let's bump up the spike drop rate as well)
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