[Suggestion] Named Res Location Limits

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Good Idea?

Yes. 2 vote(s) 40.0%
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  1. So I recently started using Named Res Locations, and I have the limit of 1. I was thinking, why not increase it? Below are some numbers that I think are good:

    Diamond: 100
    Gold: 75
    Iron: 50
    Regular: 25
  2. i still dont even know how to make them lol
  3. 2 is okay for regular.

    rest is just too much. what would a person do with 100 tags? It's not instagram or twitter where people 400 hashtags xD
  4. #home #house #tbt #memories
  5. make 100 locations
  6. Even 25 is a bit much, but since it is 100 for Diamond right now, I thought i'd base them of of that.
  7. I say 100 tags isn't enough for diamond. Maybe I like making random, wasteful tags, you don't know me.
  8. I would like regular players to have about 5 or less to be honest.
  9. Wouldn't it make more sense looking like this?
    Diamond - 100
    Gold - 50
    Iron - 25
    Regular - <5

    Diamond is 2x as much as Gold
    Gold is 2x as much as Iron

    But IMO, I think the amount of locations per rank are fine. :)
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  10. seriously guys how do we make these locations?
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  11. here this is for you. 5 could be useful but 25 is too much :)
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  12. Where would you need so many res locations for?
  13. Um, huh? I don't know how that happened :confused: