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  1. So I was thinking..... With the new colors and all, why not have a few options for the names in front of the res message

    1. Be able to make the Name be plain

    Im saying we can toggle [TheMinner333-2] to where we can make it say just [TheMinner333] on the second res. a simple command for it, It would ask if you would like to leave or remove the -2/3/4

    2. Be able to change the color of the name

    I'm not saying let the supporters change the yellow color to any other color, It would change to their donation rank at the time

    So mine would be:
    [TheMinner333] ( <-- Gold ) instead of [TheMinner333] ( <-- Boring old yellow color :p )

    The command: /res message namecolor t/f

    True being Gold or Diamond, false being yellow

    3. Be able to change your alt's prefix to yours

    So my alt, bigben4, I used to be able to just have the res message that I set. Now I have this huge [bigben4] in front of it. So, Why not have a register code. You make a register code that you can set like /res name code {Code} . It then makes a code that only you can see that makes your name in the prefixs. The code can only be used once though. You then get on your alt and: /res message prefixcode {code}. "But wait! Couldn't people start Impersonating people now again" Yes, if members give out codes, but there is still the >> or << and No staff would give out their codes :D

    Hope you like the idea :D[/Code][/COLOR]
  2. I'd quite like a way to toggle the prefix completely, too. :)
  3. Personally - i'd like the names to be removed completely - and just have the >> and << symbol
  4. >.> Not happening...
  5. It could
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  6. ... Yea, I don't think so.
    I made a player think IcC was talking to him, and that went over like a lead balloon... (res messages don't say that anymore) EDIT: in case you were confused, I meant MY reses don't say that anymore.
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  8. I Absolutely Hate The New Res Prefix's. they look weird and it completely defeats the use of custom res messages, empire is gunna have 25% less supporters, including me. :mad:
  9. They're also a necessity. :)

    And I'd hardly say 25% less supporters because a maximum of 16 letters were added...
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  10. Necessity, but we don't need our whole name in front of our message
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  11. And by hardly do you mean more than 25? like 100%? and you will probably lose some members too
  12. Yeah, I'm going to quit being supporter because of this......Nope... I don't really care, just want it to be changed
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  13. So, I completely understand why we had to implement a prefix, and though it makes me sad I agree that its necessary. However, I really really really do not like the prefix chosen. Its big, bulky, and just makes res messages, colored or no, look bad. Also, some of my residences are owned by alts, so I don't really want it to be my alt's res, I would rather have it say cddm95ace's 5th res in my custom, colored res message. Is there someway that we could get the prefix changed to something much smaller, maybe like just the ">>:" and get rid of the whole username part? Because right now, I would honestly rather go back to not even having colored res messages if it meant we could get rid of that giant prefix.
  14. Exactly, Plus wasn't this suppose to be " Get rid of boring old yellow " But then we get it right back
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  15. Updated OP with 3rd suggestion
  16. Firstly, I have no objection to the res enter/leave message prefix. I understand why they was added.
    But, they way they were done, ruins half the point of them for me. I like the messages because they remove the annoying -2 or whatever bit and so that it looks cool, not the same as every other message.

    My suggestion is that the prefix gets changed to something similar to the chat channel prefixes, make it RM or something. It's small, concise, doesn't look bad and doesn't change the message very much. It's not much of a change, and I know it would be easy, so, can we have this?
  17. I like it :)
  18. EDIT: Woops, wrong thread :p

    EDIT2: Oh, seems things got merged. Here's my post back:
    My post from earlier, agreeing with you :) :

  19. The new prefixes have caused some complications with people's designs.
    The reasoning for the ability to change res messages for most people was to remove their names... however, with the new prefix it can cause some residences to not have the same 'wow' effect or cause a duplication in the way the messages work by saying the same thing twice or by throwing off the theme.

    Previous message examples:

    This is Southpark347's res - Enjoy your stay.
    Welcome to the Smp2 Ice Palace.

    Prefixed message examples:

    Southpark347-2>>: This is Southpark347's Res - Enjoy your stay.
    eklektoi>>: Welcome to the Smp2 Ice Palace.

    This upset quite a bit of people i've talked to ...

    My Suggestion for this: Remove the names - and perhaps just have a prefix symbol only - or if we need to, just remove the colours completely considering that's what caused the need for prefixes in the first place, from the staff-impersonation messages.

    New message example:

    >> Welcome to the Smp2 Ice Palace.

    That both has the symbol, is clean, and can keep the chat not as flooded with unneeded characters.

    What do you-all think?
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