[SUGGESTION] More Token Exchange Items

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  1. The Avalauncher is getting very lonely, so more items should join! I think some non-limited swords, picks, and armor, should be available for token exchange. The items would be final, of course, and could have slightly higher than average enchantments, at the cost of being iron or gold with worse durability.
  2. Bump for more ways to blow all of our tokens!
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  3. Bump for more random items to sell!
  4. Triple bump without any comments!
  5. I'd try giving some ideas for the actual items (name, lore, enchants, everything) rather than just saying "add more items." :)
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  6. I think maybe cosmetics or trophies would be sweet as opposed to actual items.

    • Iron Token Trophy
      • Show off 1,000 tokens that you can never get back!
    • Gold Token Trophy
      • Show off 10,000 tokens that you can never get back!
    • Diamond Token Trophy
      • Show off 100,000 tokens that you can never get back!
    • Dragon Egg Token Trophy
      • Show off 1,000,000 tokens that you can never get back!
    Some fancy stuff

    • Trails
      • Self explanatory. Each cost 100,000 tokens each.
      • Promotional Trails available for limited time?
    • Smooth Double Stone Slab
    • Jumpy Block
      • 1.9 use
      • Catapult yourself 100 blocks in the air and take to the skies with your elytra or kill yourself.
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  7. Is the avalauncher released yet?
  8. Yup, it was; it is no longer obtainable.
  9. will they release it as a token exchange again this year?
  10. IDK o.o So here is a slime.