[Suggestion] More Site Ranks

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  1. So currently, the site ranks are like this;

    New Member
    Active Member
    Well-Known Member
    Iron Supporter
    Gold Suporter
    Diamond Supporter
    Senior Staff


    I suggest we add a few more in between Well-Known and Iron.

    Well-Known used to mean something, but now it doesn't..
    This would be really easy to do, the site EMC uses can change this very quickly and easily; it's harder to suggest this than to do it.
  2. Don't forget senior staff :p
  3. Whatever.
  4. Moderator
    Sr. Staff
    Community Manager

    None the less, I still suggest that one idea that incoporates "Well-Known Member" with say... "Gold Supporter" to make "Well-Known Gold Supporter"
  5. "Even more well-known member"
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  6. Also you forgot developer
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  7. -_- The point is..
  8. I think Aikar is planning to do a fair bit of work with the site (including updating it) once he does DT.

    Sadly, this is impossible with the current system. But if the site does update, it would be possible to have two rank banners to display, so Well0Known Member and Gold Support can be displayed at the same time.
  9. Erm, can't it just be made that if someone becomes a gold supporter, the site checks what rank the player is normally, and then just incoporates that? Or is it because the text will be too large? :(
  10. I like the "Well Known Gold Supporter" Idea.. Too bad it won't work :(
  11. The site can check whether you're Well-Known Member, but it can't add it to your rank title because the title can only be changed when manually editing the rank.
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  12. maybe between "Well Known" and "Iron Supporter" could be "Very Well Known" or "Even More Known"
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  13. You forgot Community Manager and Lead Developer.
  14. You forgot Original Founder
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  15. *cries*
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  16. The feels
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  17. Would you?
    First; those are under admin, and second,
  18. JustinGuy is NOT an admin. His title just recognizes his impact on us today.

    You don't have to be all rude about it, we're letting you know you missed some things.