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  1. i think we shud have more events so that the ppls can have more to do and we dont get board like sometimes it gets boaring when ur just playing normal but events make ppl get together and we have lots of fun together

    also we,should get more servers,and that way, less lag

    also we,should add ram and cpu to servers,,so they r better

    also we,need more staffs,moderate the bad ppls
  2. persinaly i thinkj the games server woud be a good place for these events . if everyon worjks together there woud be cool events every day !! and that d be pretty sweet if u ask me, more staff woud be cool to actch dirty x rayerz who plague the smp's
    I'll be going.
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  3. yus!!!!! i agree so much 101% noodles and if they r gonna do that they mayas well add more playerz 2 the serv3r so thet we can has more ppl 2 play with!!!!!!

    thx & toodles
  4. +1

    But some events should also be automated, so maybe you can go and click a sign, and it would put you in a waiting list till there are enough players, and then once there are enough they will notify you and you can do mini events without having staff, so then there are always events even when no one is open to host the events.

    I just think right now, its more or less the free time one has to host events, as many of the people are busy with work, school, etc...

    But, yes, and more different events, not the same old events :p
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  5. yez yez yez yez so much yez noodles! cant handle da yes noodles

    i love ur idea baout the signs it wood make us so much better 2 play on!
  6. Wednesday:
    8 pm - Wacky Wild Wednesday

    4 pm - FireFloor
    8 pm - Staff vs the World

    5 am - Aussie NetherSpleef with BigDavie
    10 am - Morning Mob Arena with ArchDukeMelon
    6 pm - Birthday Mini-Event
    8 pm - Miner Mania

    12 pm (noon) - Birthday Big Event Pt 1
    4 pm - Mob Arena
    8 pm- Birthday Big Event Pt 2
    11:50 pm - Miner Mania

    12 pm (noon) - Birthday Mini-Event
    4 pm - Ultra Hardcore (UHC)

    We hope to see you at some of the events!
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  7. I don't know who's leg he's pulling but whatevs
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  8. Spleef comp?
  9. not enuf! plz add more 4 us 2 play
    hehehehe no way noodles!!!'
    dont bully me
  10. What kind of events you mean? :p
  11. Just a tip: Host an event yourself :)

    Staff don't always have time to host event, which I totally understand. But not only staff can host events, so try to think of a nice community event, make a thread for it, and host it youself. Heck, maybe if you plan it well enough, Krysyy might front-page it for you ;)

  12. I've made a semi decent hide and seek res just for hide and seek but i gotta go for 2 weeks then ill start hosting some events
  13. +1 tis iz bst ida evr!
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  14. I agree! More events is always more fun! We're working hard on the games server so that you and your friends can have events any time you want =)

    More servers doesn't always mean less lag, but the games server will be separate for events so that should help some. As for the more cpu, etc that's not something I can do, but I know that what we have works fine for now. Most lag is caused by your client, so I'd advise changing your video settings if needed.

    We just added more staff and more are definitely on the way. Those bad ppls don't stand a chance.
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  15. This entire post makes me happy on the inside and out.

    EDIT: YAYAYA I got a Krysyy like!
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  16. +11111111waffles!
    no Fam u dont understoof i no how a compooter works and i no that u can always add more 2 the cee pee u 4 better porformance
    aw3som3 noodles!!!!1111one

    but also u can just add more playerz to the server so that we can has more ppls to play w/!!!'n
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  17. You may know about computers, but servers are a little different. Aikar keeps things running as best as he is able.
    As for adding more players, games server will allow more players than the main servers because we'll be able to control lag more. :)
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  18. ur dowting my compooter nowledge! incase u didnt no,servers r just regular conpooters but w/ server grade conponents in dem. der is nuffing else dat is diferent,kk?
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  19. There is quite a bit that is different in our case because ours is a bit larger than your typical computer turned server hardware. Regardless, Aikar handles server upgrades. Until he sees a reason to add more to them due to necessity, we'll likely be staying with what we have and it's still serving us quite nicely.