[suggestion] more chestshop features

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  1. Suggestion 1:

    I think you should add the ability to limit the amount of something that you can buy from a single sign. This would be cool for things like parkour res's so you could give out a one time prize. This would be really nice.

    Suggestion 2:

    You should add the ability to sell multiple items from a single sign. For example you could set up a chest that sells a full set of tools or armour. This would be a popular one (based on how many times Iv been asked how to do this.)

    Suggestion 3:

    It would be nice if you added the ability for chestshop signs to send out a redstone signal. You could do something so if someone buys something, you could add a piston pulling out the block under them and dropping them down to the start of a parkour.

    Suggestion 4:

    I think that the ability to sell one use to a button would be cool. You could sell a use to a piston or dispenser so people could go on a roller coaster or to get a few different items.
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  2. Coming with the shop update.

    Possible using comparators. :)
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  3. However, someone who knows nothing about redstone would not be able to do this. This would still be very useful to a lot of redstone noobs (me)
  4. Also, when will the shop update come?
  5. It's in aikar time, so that could be tomorrow or in two years :eek:
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  6. Fill your chest with dirt except for one slot for your item, restock the item when you want to give out the prize again.
  7. In regard to suggestion 1: This is possible with a few tp's. At the end of a parkour, have a tp to a room with a tp back to the start. At the first tp, put a redstone wire linked to a dispenser in the room you tp'd to.
  8. It would be much easier though if they added this.
  9. I think all of these would be really useful.
  10. Well, it was announced last July or so... So roughly two years :p
    Kidding, idk when that wasnt included in the update in what's going on. Only Aikar, Justin, ICC, max, davie, and Shaun know I'm guessing
  11. Suggestion 2 is out. It is confirmed that it will be added in a future update.
  12. I have seen something like number 3 before. On smp1 there is a place where you can buy from a chest shop and a door opens. It might have something to do with trapped chests but I am not really sure. After stepping through the door there is a pressure plate that closes it. I am sure this could be done with pistons too. Number 4 could be done in the same-ish way. Maybe checking for the chests signal and the buttons signal.
  13. Yeah, but the point is no one knows how to do it. :mad:
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  15. Honestly? A long time, definitely after D Tombs :)
  16. Now with redstone comparators, you can do suggestion 3. It's out.