Suggestion: Mob Pets!

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Yay or nay?

Yay 14 vote(s) 63.6%
Nay 8 vote(s) 36.4%
  1. From many servers, they have a option to get a spawn egg and the mob will follow you, pretty much like a pet. So I thought maybe it should be on EMC. With pets, you can get magma cubes, a slime, a chicken, etc., and it would follow you. They would be small, meaning if we had a zombie pet it would just be small. I was thinking that maybe Aikar could do a promo one day letting everyone get at least 1 pet. It could be like stables, where regular players can only have limited pets. Then supporters could buy supporter pets for rupees.

    Another idea would be the pets would fight with you, and get more powerful(pet getting resistance and strength), but this may be hard to implement.

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  2. I fully support this idea. :p
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  3. Yay
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  4. This was already suggested... It is on the first page of the suggestion forums too...
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  5. I didn't know... And his idea is not the exact same dude. Why is it always you people that check every thread just so you can type this was already suggested? Then you criticized me for bumping a suggestion once. Seriously.
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  6. [headbutt skytheannoyingdragonv8]
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  7. I am definitely a girl. And,
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  9. No harm done.
  10. Use wheat?

    No. This is not vanillaish. This is mint-chocolate chipish.
  11. people tell you it has already been suggested so that you will stop bumping an idea that has already been turned down/added to the queue over other non-thought of ideas that may be passed over
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  12. Its not the same idea. And I have the right to bump a thread, no matter what you say.
  13. i never said you couldnt, im just saying why
    you asked right here