[SUGGESTION] Mo' "Holidays"

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Yay or Nay?

Yay, for I am a nerdy crafty cake lover! (+1) 6 vote(s) 66.7%
Nay, for I am a pie fan! (-1) 3 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. (this in going along with the other post I made, Mo' Foods, which was well received so decided to also post this idea.

    Ever notice that June and August are somewhat lacking in substantial events or holidays?
    January - March have holidays, April has April Fools, May has Memorial Day, July has Independence Day, even if some of us don't celebrate it. September is just back to school, and Fall-Winter are full of stuff. All of these days (to my understanding) have promos and or are represented in the community.

    But nothing for June or August. A time when a lot of EMC members have free time. So, the idea is to create EMC specific "holidays". Days where the community can get together and just do stuff during the months with no other real events. For Example:
    • A lot of people on EMC happen to be nerds. People in roleplaying games, cosplay, and all sorts of nerd gear ranging from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars to Marvel to even Halo. So, a fun "holiday" could be "Nerd Day" a day dedicated to expressing all your nerdy loves. What could we do on said Nerd Day? Well, it could range from a building contest featuring recreations of builds from stories or media, divided into categories like Science Fiction or Fantasy. A "Share Your Fantasies" event where you can share fan fiction from all your favorite nerd fandoms, in a similar fashion to what we had on Halloween. A lot of potential for fun here and a great time for everyone to share their loves for all things nerdy.
    • Happen to be handy? Like computer design or just arts and crafts? Welp, then let me introduce you to "Craftsman's Day". A day where we could all break loose and express our love for all things crafty on the forums, posting our creations on a forum post in a similar fashion to what we did a month back showing our faces (the name escapes me at the moment). If you're not into the forums you could also use this day to show off any spectacular builds you've been working on, or get your hands on the newest promo, "The Craftsmen's Table", a renamed crafting table. All this and any thing the mods cook up, for a day for the crafty.
    • So the last suggestion of obvious. We all like cake here. Old people, small people, tall people, the green team, all love cake. So, the most obvious decision, make a Cake Day. A day dedicated to solely dessert and dessert only. What do we do on cake day? Nothing else of course, except build giant cake statues in the Ultimate Cake Building Contest where the reward in, fittingly, AN ENTIRE DC OF CAKE. And if the build team feels up to the task, building a giant wedding cake only for all of EMC to wrek' it like on Thanksgiving with the Turkey (#StuffingStairs) Nothing, can stand in the way, of cake.
    So, with all of that said and done, feel free to agree to this or disagree. And hey, maybe suggest your own holidays.
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  2. August... isn't that when school starts? Doesn't sound like free time for me :p

    Anyways, how about we designate those months to the feature months. Feature Day sounds good to me. :p
  3. March has holidays, such as my birthday. :p Mostly nerds play Minecraft, but StoneSky would be right, August is when school starts (near the end of August).

    I like this idea, because, well, cake is DELICIOUS!
  4. Nothing beats Dutch Apple Pie and Nothing beats Cheesecake.............
  5. For some people, school ends late June. For me, I start school again early August. So, either of those months aren't really "free time" :p I like the ideas.
  6. Yeah, but keep in mind these aren't month long things, just single days. October is no where close to free time but we still do Halloween stuff.

    It isn't so much free time, more months where little is going on/there are no big EMC things