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Yay or Nay?

Yay, Give me Food or Give me Death! (+1) 15 vote(s) 93.8%
Nay, None of these are Gluten-Free! (-1) 1 vote(s) 6.3%
  1. So, as we are all aware, zombies and skeletons have a rare chance to drop Shiny Flesh or Arrows. And thats all well and good, but what would be real fun, is if mobs dropped special food (ex: Taste the Freedom from cows) all year round. It'd be a lot of fun and awesome to see new promos put into play that you can use all year round, promos where you won't feel like you're "wasting money" by eating them.

    The drops I particularly had it mind are Super Foods, that function similarly to the Taste the Freedom promo. Some suggestions I have in regards to names include:
    .Hearty Hams, renamed Porkchops
    .Mega Mutton, renamed normal Mutton
    .Krysyy's Specialty Chicken, renamed Chicken
    .Non-Vegan Steaks, renamed Steaks
    .Rabbit Bits, renamed Cooked Rabbit

    The next set, dropped off hostile mobs and known as Mega Foods, would function exactly like Haunted Candy, including the following:
    .Unrotted Flesh, renamed Rotten Flesh
    .Sirloin Spider, renamed Spider Gland
    .Doggy Treat, renamed Bone
    .Hard Candy? ,renamed Ender Pearl
    .Lemonaikar, renamed potion dropped off witches
    .Creeper Chunk, renamed Lime Wool
    .Nether Leg, renamed Raw Mutton that drops off Netherhounds

    The final and most difficult to get set, will only drop off minibosses, but will drop nearly every time you defeat a mini boss. These will be known as Ultra Foods and include:
    .Marlix Omelette, a renamed Yellow Dye that gives the person saturation, speed boost, jump boost, and blindness for a minute or two.
    .Mommentus Meal, a renamed Rabbit Stew that gives the person saturation, strength, resistance, and unfortunately for balance, seriously intense slowness, for a minute or two as well.

    Why didn't I just fill out a Suggestion Form? Well, I want you to try and make 15 forms for one concept. Anyway, vote if you think this is cool or not.
  2. I like this idea of special foods! Players could go out all the time and hunt hostile and non-hostile mobs for small promo food!
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  3. Phantom Bump
  4. i love food mods, but more foods for vanilla is better!
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  5. I like how directly below my post was infact an ad for "5 Foods Not To Eat"
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  6. I likey +1
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  7. I like the idea of this, but only if they're uncommon and a bit helpful or very rare and very helpful to make sure they're not too OP.
    Also, Momentus Meal is a lamb rabbit stew? I didn't think you could get lamb stew.
    Over all, it's a good idea, but would have to be made not too OP if used.
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  9. Is there even a rabbit stew? I thought it was only mushroom soup.
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  10. 1.8 was released to EMC a while back
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  11. I wasn't aware that rabbit stew was a feature.
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  12. Me to :p i think ive seen it but never paid any attention to it
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  13. +1 more items for my special item chest ;)
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  14. Well, it isn't going to be very op if you think about it, since it's all generally items you can get normally on EMC, but during certain times of the year. The Super Foods will do nothing more than restore half your hunger, and the Mega Foods will do the exact same thing as Haunted Candy.

    So you can pick between using exclusively super food which is harder to find so you won't have multiple stacks of it but gives you more hunger, or using normal food which is everywhere.
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