(SUGGESTION) Mini mods.

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  1. What is a mini mod? A mini mod is a person who enforces the rules forcefully, mostly when no mod is present at the time. These people can be VERY helpful, so why not make them known? My idea, a mini mod rank. Mini mods would not need a application, they would be picked BY the mods as a whole, and only those who show that the would be able would be picked. What would they be able to do? Well, they would NOT have access to most of the full mod commands, but would be allowed to kick players, and if the situation is right, give 30 minute bans. If a mini mods abuses their power, they CAN get a perm ban. Also, this would be up to the mods, a mini mod that shows great reliability and potential, would have a greater chance of becoming a full mod. Please tell me what you think and any suggestions. :)
  2. Me Gusta
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  3. My name is 333kirby, and I approve the above message.
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  4. The mini mods might as well be mods. Deputies are a valid thought but it wouldn't work.
  5. I like this idea.
  6. This could be very useful, it would help with dealing the little kids who like to spam in all caps with curse words.
  7. this made me think of the "COPS" song
  8. the power of the sheep support this idea
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  9. as do the cows and pigs whilst the chickens are planing a invasion of the moon
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  10. Dog, don't post if your posts have nothing to do with this.
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  11. Yes this is a great idea, and it has been suggested before.

    Before a staff member swoops in and locks this thread, just like before, here me out;

    • "Mini mods" could have access to short temp bans and kicks only.
    • /reports for perm bans are sent to the top of the list on Square when a "mini mod" sends it.
    • Less complaining about spammers, beggars, ect. with "mini mods" being able to look after the servers when full mod activity is limited.
    Mini mods or something of the sort were in place before - I believe Crazy1080 was one. Apparently it eventually became too confusing, so if staff members and the community are able to work a way around this, the idea could be implemented and be beneficial for all.
  12. :( i remember saying this in a thread about copherfield.
    or one of those threads, it was pretty recent.
    anyway good job. i never actually would type out this much! i think i just said:
    "how about sub-mods that can kick and stuff but not as much power as a normal mod?"
    anyways, nice job :)
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  13. Indeed, there were chat moderators, people selected to enforce the rules within the chat with minimal powers and no change in status. If what you say is true and they are no longer around, I guess the concept was just a little pointless and made sense to simply recruit more proper moderators.
  14. Chat Mods is a perfect idea for the servers of EMC
  15. We did have a few chat mods, and they did prove too confusing, and resulted in some unhappy players.
    What happened was that the chat mods were supporters, and players begun buying supporter status for the sole reason that they thought they would get the ability to kick/ban people. :rolleyes:
    Therefore they were promoted to full staff members to avoid confusion.
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  16. AH, but here is where this is fixed. YOU, the mods and admins, PICK the mini mods.
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  17. Yeah, no more. But EMC has grown a lot since then - 30 player on SMP2 on average - chat moderators/"mini mods" would sure help out staff.
    Couldn't the recruitment process be more like the way full staff members are selected? So not just supporters, but people that can help out.

    EDIT: Yeah, what MrLegit said; selected by staff.
  18. I think that it wouldn't be much of a difference, but since people are complaining that the chat is terrible and EMC needs mods, (I dont understand that xP) so maybe it is a good idea.
  19. Possibly to help even more with this, keep the 'minimods' secret. On kicks just make it kick from SYSTEM or 'A Mini-Moderator'. I can see it possibly working if this was done but having them as normal mods that are publicly know just wouldn't work in my eyes. Apart from that, I'm not too sure what my stance on this is.
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