[Suggestion] Memorial Improvements

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  1. Hey EMC,

    We seem to have an issue with players jumping into the 9/11 memorial on SMP4. As people really shouldn't be jumping into a memorial (it's just disrespectful) we should find a way to prevent them from doing so. The easiest way, I believe, is to set a sub-residence inside the water and turn move flag off. This will still allow people on the residence, yet disallow them from jumping into the water and doesn't require barrier blocks.

  2. I was thinking about barrier blocks perhaps?
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  3. That'd mean people could walk over the water, or that there'd be an invisible wall. Personally, I think a sub-res would be a lot cleaner and look a lot better than barrier blocks.
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  4. It's not that big of a deal if someone jumps into water. I mean they said to wait until after the event to swim, and they did.
  5. Can somebody explain the memorial to me? Why is it just a hole with water?
  6. I'm nearly positive there were people in the water before the memorial was over. Regardless, I still consider it disrespectful to swim in a memorial, as there were people picking up the flowers others threw into the water,
  7. That's a glitch. Krysyy turned off item pickup flag. And that's honestly just a use of time without any real purpose.
  8. Pretty sure the design was aimed after the memorial in New York :)
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  9. I don't think anyone can swim in that...

    [EDIT] +1 :p
  10. People can swim in it. They may not be allowed and it could break a few laws, but they can swim in it.
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  11. I went in because I wanted to drop flowers to all those people who died at that terrible Event.
  12. I disagree.

    Respect and restraint show when we can do something and then chose not to do it. It should be done because people want to, not because they're being forced to. I respect what you're trying to do but I think it takes away the impact of the whole thing.

    Also see my rant about this: we all do this our own way. What we might consider disrespectful a playful 9 year old may not even stop to think about it that way. Instead of yelling at him try talking instead.

    Because near the end, when senior staff had left and others remained... we just stood there. It even touched me :( And I'm not even living in the States.

    No, sorry, I disagree. People should show respect because they want to, not because they have to.

    In the end we could all have jumped in, but we didn't. That creates a bond, a moment....
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  13. It is not in a residence. If you go into the water and try to use residence chat it says you are not on a residence. Just putting this out there.
  14. But what a 9-year-old might think is okay might not be. Age shouldn't be an excuse for disrespect or behavior. While most players did stand there respectfully, there were those who did jump in.

    For those who won't agree to behave respectfully, there should be something that will prevent them from misbehaving. That goes for anything; look at the moderation system on any server - players behave, some because it's the right thing to do, but the ones who don't need to be forced to follow the rules, which means preventing them from breaking them (a ban or a mute).
  15. I know I'm playing devils advocate here, but yes... However; they'd need to commit the crime before the punishment, and in some rare cases the crime wouldn't be considered one.

    And well... The people who swam in could also have been /res kicked, or worse.

    But yeah, I think we cannot agree on this. I do respect your idea, but I think these moments have more impact if people can do something yet chose themselves not to.
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