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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by crazyminerpete, Oct 14, 2016.

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  1. Hey EMC, so I was thinking I'd like to work on a build that involved lava and ice in the same place, it'd be nice if I could control wether or not the ice would melt. It would also work with snow melting, and maybe add another subflag, freeze, if you want a cold biome but don't want ice water. That's pretty much it, let me know what you think. Cheers!

  2. While I could see the use in this, you can already do this using the current setup.

    If you don't want ice to melt, use packed ice. Packed ice was designed so that it wouldn't melt, ever.

    If you want a cold biome but don't want stuff to freeze, there are biomes where water only freezes at a certain height (I think Taiga is one of them). There are many biomes to choose from that you would not need a freeze flag, you just might have to get a little creative.
  3. I wanted to use normal ice, to give variety. Packed ice is solid, normal ice is transparent. Also some of this was going to be pretty high up
  4. +1 though I've heard the melt/freeze code is easy to break (dangerous to mess with).
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  5. If doable by the devs. then I'm in all favor of this one. I wouldn't use it myself but we can already stop fire from spreading and/or combusting other blocks, so this seems right on-par with those features.
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  6. I remember doing a suggestion like this.. But it got denied.. I hope this one passes :D
  7. Suggested many times in the past and denied everytime.
  8. Why would this be denied? Is it just difficult to mess with the code involved?
  9. I've yet to see a reason besides "This has been suggested before and denied. Thread locked".
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