[Suggestion] Max Res Locations Improvement

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  1. Hello,

    Currently, when you reach your residence location limit, you cannot add another location. You can only delete them, not move them.

    If you are a supporter and have not reached your res location limit, you can move the locations with /res loc set ExistingLoc. Example (this is on my res, and I am a Diamond supporter):


    However... free players can't do that. On my Free member alt's res, I have to delete the res location before I change it.

    So the suggestion: Let /res loc add ExistingLoc move the residence location. It's a lot easier than typing another command.

    Just something small... let me know what you think. :)

  2. +1

    Also, Gg.
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  3. +1. I have 99 residence locations on my first residence, and I ran out of diamond supporter a few days ago. :p There are also some locations I would like to modify.
  4. Just like residence enter/leave messages, you are unable to have access to change your multitude of res locations if no longer supporter. You must abide by the Normal player's guidelines or regain supporter.
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  5. Ugh, dont get me started on the leave/enter messages. I used to have a mall at my res, went non-supporter and removed the mall at a later date and made a HQ. Now everyone who see's me HQ says "Nice mall!" And im like *facepalm* "Why cant i just type /res message reset?"
  6. /res message default
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  7. I believe you can.
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  8. Doesnt work for me =P
  9. :p
  10. Someone could have told me it was default not reset :p
  11. Poor, poor f_builder_s. Never gets it right...
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