[suggestion] Making shiny flesh a bit weaker

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  1. If you haven't known Shiny Flesh is an Emc item dropped by Enraged Zombies, BUT! Is it way too OP?

    Shiny flesh gives you regeneration 4 which brings back your health in a matter of seconds. Also it gives Mining Fatigue. Also Hunger.

    It pretty makes you invincible equivalent to an Enchanted gold apple with just regeneration.

    Shiny Flesh needs to be weaker


    Ender King :cool:
  2. Shiny flesh is amazing tho its easy to get instead of crafting gold apples XD
  3. But people have been complaining about it that's why I created the thread
  4. ohhhh den why didn't they make the thread XD
  5. This is a great idea
  6. Maybe it gives you weakness for about 30 seconds?
  7. Weakness for 30 seconds. . . hmmm

    Maybe for 2 minutes to match with the mining fatigue
  8. What does weakness do? Is it the opposite of strength or resistance?
  9. I agree, I hate it when I'm fighting people in PvP, and they just have unlimited shiny flesh. It completely undermines why they put PvP in: for people to have fun. Well who can have fun when no one dies, or there's that one person who can't because they have so much shiny flesh? That one person will, and everyone else is just out of luck. That just isn't fair to those people.

    +1, wish it would be plus a thousand.
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  10. Weakness makes you do less damage to mobs and players. It might also make you take more damage, but I'm not sure.
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