[SUGGESTION] Make more promos seasonally available with /tbuy

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  1. Tokens are long overdue for another use. All we can do with them are change our residence biomes or buy an avalauncher. The only real economic value to that is deciding what type of frog or rabbit to farm on your residence, whether to farm ice in town, killing blazes and provoking zombified piglins to kickstart a gold farm. They're really more useful for aesthetics or fun snowball fights than anything of actual value.

    I'm suggesting making four promos available seasonally using /tbuy, each being somewhat useful and fitting the theme of the season. This would also mean that avalaunchers would only be available with /tbuy during the boreal winter. Feel free to suggest different dates and/or promos.

    December 1 to February 28/29 (winter): Avalauncher
    March 1 to May 31 (spring): Magical Eggcellent Wand (Easter promo that halves eggification cost in wastelands and frontier)
    June 1 to August 31 (summer): Freedom Blade (powerful sword that's an Independence Day promo)
    September 1 to November 30 (autumn): Haunted Head (Halloween promo that dispenses one Haunted Candy up to every 24 hours)

    What do you think of this idea? If you like it, would you go along with my suggestion completely or suggest different dates and/or promos? If so, what would you suggest differently?
  2. Good thinking 😀
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  3. Sounds like a fun idea. The dates you picked make sense.
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  4. This would be a great use for tokens. :)
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  5. I'm all for giving tokens more use, but if this gets implemented I'd rather the summer and fall promos be something a bit more broad and representative of the season rather than just those two holidays which happen to fall within those seasons.
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  6. I could see that. The main pumpkin harvest tends to be in autumn for temperate regions, sometimes late summer in subtropical ones, though. With summer, I was the least sure what to suggest, so I actually searched through the wiki for something even a little useful that's available near the middle of the season.

    BTW, I think the Magical Eggcellent Wand was actually Katy's idea, not mine. I just really liked the idea and wanted to formally suggest it and a few others.
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  7. personally i'd like to see more custom ideas or perhaps be able to buy rare mob drops with tokens. I know its not thaat big of a deal but being able to buy promos with tokens seem like just killing any value for promos. Obviously everything would need to be fairly priced but it'd be cool to be able buy steel spikes or witch gems for a higher price than simply hunting a specific enraged mob that only spawns once every couple hours. I can just remember the first time the avalauncher came out and it was super cool a new unique item that hadn't come out previously and (this was when nobody had thousands of tokens) it was quite hard to get ahold of an avalauncher. a great example is just look at how many 2014 avalaunchers exsist.
  8. I understand your argument about crashing promo prices. I also agree that we shouldn't do it for just anything. Nonetheless, Magical Eggcellent Wands and Haunted Heads have a bit of functionality, and Freedom Blades and Haunted Heads are annually available to some degree anyways. Perhaps the token prices should also be raised (maybe even be raised for avalaunchers too)?
  9. Does anyone else still like this idea?
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  10. yes
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  11. I think it’s a good idea gives a use to tokens and doesn’t really impact the economy heavily in any way i can see.
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  12. For winter maybe grandmas oven.
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  13. Bump! It's solidly winter in the Northern Hemisphere under all four common definitions (Irish, solar, meteorological and Roman). This is an ample opportunity for the suggestion to be implemented without having any immediate effect.