[Suggestion] Make loot chests stand out from regular (/player placed) ones

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  1. Hi gang,

    So today I did a little bit of mining, found an (now not so much) abandoned mineshaft and also came across a loot chest. And I think there's a serious flaw with them: how are players to separate loot chests from chests which other players have placed?

    Sometimes the environment will reveal as much (when they're near a spawner and there's also mossy cobble nearby for example) but not always (when Aya mined out all that mossy stuff (which she often does) there's no way to be sure anymore).

    Which brings me to another problem: (new) players who might not be familiar with the concept at all. I can easily see it happening that someone puts a chest down to secure his items (like I did a moment ago; my inventory filled up and I wanted to remove a (cave) spider spawner) and another player finds it, assumes it to be a loot chest and when he opens it he seems to be right because the chest actually contained loot.

    Yeah, well, uhm, but that was my loot :p

    And that's not even taking foul play into consideration. I'm not going to share for obvious reasons but I can easily come up with some ways to exploit this (or trying to).

    So yeah, I think there's a serious oversight happening here. The concept of loot chests is good, but I think they also blur the line between griefing/stealing and trying to (honestly!) gain some loot.

    As such my suggestion: make these stand out so that there can never be any doubt.
  2. BUMP.

    We're at prime time now and I seriously think there's a problem here. So a wee bump it is :)
  3. Next EMC rules update: Looting chests at all is considered stealing. Stealing from the game that left that loot there. :V
  4. bu
    but how would you know if its a vanilla loot chest. With the new update is impossible to know
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  6. Maybe make loot chests spawn on a block you wouldnt find a normal chest at (but a common block that isnt "expensive").

    I say make the chests spawn on one of the following:
    • Obsidian
    • Bedrock? Possibly.
    • Wood Plank (not oak b/c mineshafts have those)
    Just an idea. :rolleyes:
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  7. I would say make loot chests spawn on iron or quartz blocks.
  8. A chest next to a spawner seems to be a loot chest, but someone may have placed it for temporary storage...
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  9. and a wee bump ;) but not too much.
  10. I mean the chests could be renamed loot chests to avoid confusion between chests. Wouldn't stop people from stealing but could easily make it identifiable which chests are which.
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  11. What about just letting the chest spawn in as they always have, but putting a nametag that says something like "Loot Chest" on top instead? (I can't remember what it's actually called but you can see it at /v firefloor on smp4) *Edit* wow the ninjas xD
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  12. these chests have been in the game for years. There is no "new problem" here. Nothing prevented people from stealing your stuff 3 years ago either....

    You're free to lock your chest if you do not want it to be taken. But theres really nothing that needs to be done here. We've gotten by for years with out marking these chests, the refill mechanic does not change anything.
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  13. Actually it did change something. Previously it would be very obvious when a structure had been raided, also taking away the need to re-visit it, but that scenario is different now. And it wouldn't be the first time that a player uses an existing structure to start his mining expedition on.

    So yeah, on that part I don't quite agree ;)

    Of course it is true that I can't say how big a problem this could become (or if it even would become a problem at all). I think there's a risk, but yeah. I suppose time will tell (I'll also be the first to admit that not everyone on the Empire is actually going out into the waste to do some serious mining).

    Thanks for your comment!
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  14. For whatever reason a person has for placing a chest near an active loot chest without locking said chest or placing a sign saying this chest is the property of whomever. Surly should deserve a newbie taking from it. Since clearly the player who placed it so carelessly doesn't care enough to clearly state a difference in their chest from that of the games loot chest.
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  15. Agreed, however my suggestion aims at a different scenario: a new player who is not fully familiar with the concept of loot chests.

    Take an abandoned mineshaft for example. Once I collected all the rails then I think that there's no way for a player to determine if a chest is a real loot chest or a chest which was placed by another player. And I think you can agree with me that placing a (temporary) chest somewhere inside an abandoned mineshaft isn't an uncommon thing to do. For example when you're getting ready to take a spawner out (or actually going to use it) :)
  16. Well then a new board should be added to the tutorial to alert any incoming players of the new loot chests.

    However the only way to determine if a loot chest is a loot chest is to try and break it.
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  17. Don't stress out over it, Papa Aikar. Just recover from surgery. :p
  18. I for one think this is a good idea. I would just add a hologram in, like in the tutorial. It would just say 'Loot Chest' above it.

    EDIT: Also i apologise for bumping this 4 days after the last post
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  19. Is it possible to make the chest glow like enchanted when it is a loot chest and it is new or it was refilled but not yet opened?
  20. I'm gonna bump this because I to believe something can/should be done. I for one love to mining and put down temp chests all the time or have just used the ones there already.. I mean, why not? I'm gonna take it anyway. I have, since the update lost a half chest full of stuff that I thought someone took because it was a loot chest and "refilled" . It was intense and my partner died before we could set our spawn. I was throwing stuff down quick and thought.. "hmm.. did I put that there? :confused: I must have." and promptly put my stuff in it as I went to secure the area. annywaaay.. someone suggested breaking the chest. Well, when you break others things that's called Griefing. I'm not about that at all. >_>

    I was actually griefed at that spot but didn't realize that the chest was a loot chest until I tried to break it and take it with me. This was a first for me because loot chests (at spawners/Fortesses/strongholds )have always been breakable.
    Sorry to be so long winded.. I certainly am not a writer. lol. I +1 for some sort of distinction. glowy or something