[SUGGESTION] Make it more obvious griefing isn't allowed in wastelands

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  1. So, my friends friend got banned the other day for griefing in the wastelands. I'm not sure of the full story, but as far as I know, he wasn't aware that griefing wasn't allowed in the wastelands because it's called the "wastelands".

    Maybe a few more signs or messages would do, just to make people more aware. Because we want EMC to keep it's members, we don't want to ban any.

    EDIT: God, autocorrect is stupid...
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  2. Yea.. I've had the same issue. :) It isn't very clear that griefing is not allowed in the wasteland.

    And please, before you post that it says it when you teleport to the wasteland. Go /waste and read it again, see exactly what it says. (It does not say griefing or stealing are not allowed).

    We could also update the wiki to make it clear in both the general griefing rules, and also in the 'wastelands' info.
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  3. Alright now let's use are commen sense. Emc is non-Griefing server and has been since it's creation. Adding wastelands didn't change the rules when it came out. I don't know how we can make more obvious than having in it the tutorial. The tutorial is there for a reason and not to look pretty but get Emc rules across new players and old. Heck, it's even its own step can't get more obvious than that. Emc staff very clear in multiple formats via on server and on the sites wiki. The new tutorial only takes 10 minutes or less to do and we make so because previous version were "too hard" for new players and some old ones unfortunately.
  4. Mba and NZ make a pretty reasonable point that it's not obvious that Wastelands is no-grief. It says it's not okay to grief in the tutorial (I only just added it to the Wiki) but it's not unreasonable that a new player using their common sense would think that something called the Wastelands was fine to grief in. Of course, it's still something that everyone should know, but there's no harm in fixing the rule up a little and showing a little warning when entering both the worlds. :)

  5. Then I will tell Aikar & Icc or recommend it to put new broadcasting message saying "Griefing/Stealing isn't allowed on Emc in all worlds" with other messages we have. That should solve the problem mostly but still going to be small percent saying "well I didn't know that we couldn't grief here no one told me." It's endless loop.
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  6. Yep, a simple auto-message when entering the Wastelands and Wild for the first few times is great.

    I think we're rather have the 5% of new people not being banned because they didn't know something instead of not putting a couple of easy changes in. :)
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  7. Wow, even I didn't know the wasteland doesn't allow griefing. Does that mean it also doesn't allow stealing? Three very rude newbs took over my sandstone mining spot, and I let them because I thought I had no right to the area. :confused:

    EDIT: Does EMC have core-protect or an equivalent? I was just wondering and thought I'd ask.
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  8. Exactly. I first assumed wastelands would not include the griefing/stealing rules also. :) Once Aikar makes it 'explicitly' clear on griefing/stealing in the wastelands, it'll be better.

    Griefing and Stealing are both bannable in ALL worlds. So yes, stealing in wastelands is bannable.

    Though other players mining where you are mining probably isn't considered 'stealing', as the blocks are not yours until you mine them up. You cannot 'claim' land in wastelands. But I'd still /report the newbies for their rudeness. And the mods will keep an eye on them.
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  9. EMC does take logs, but I'm not sure whether they log as many blocks as CoreProtect does.
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  10. Yeah, it wasn't blocks they were stealing. They basically blocked off the whole area I was working in and turned it into a little mob room. Then had the nerve to tell me not to steal their mobs.
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  11. Lol. Did you inform them that building in wastelands was not advised?

    Yea, you should get a mod involved in that kinda thing. 'newbies' tend not to listen to other players, but they better listen to a mod, or they won't be here long lol
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  12. It says no building in the wastelands so I don't know why someone would build there anyway.
  13. But why would you not be allowed to steal in the frontier but be allowed to steal in the wastelands? I agree in making it more obvious, but new people often tend to not read the text upon entering anyways, because they think it is all stupid spam that they do not need to know(and on many servers it is)
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  14. Not reading bold important text = Banned.

    We don't need those kinda 'kids' here.
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  15. I'm going to leave it alone this time, it happened a couple weeks ago and I see no reason to bring it back up. But NEXT time someone tries that, I will most certainly inform a mod. It's just rude... in fact, every new player I meet is that way. But I'm optimistic, and I think maybe they'll eventually figure out how they're acting and be nicer. Many of the EMC senior members have left, and I'm hoping that the new members will be able to take their place. Know what I mean? I don't want EMC to devolve into a newby pit of rudeness and griefing. Not that every newb is like that. :eek: I'm just saying. I want EMC to have the same quality of friendliness and community it used to have.
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  16. 800+ days and I didn't realise you couldn't grief in the Wastelands either. I thought the rule was no structures, etc, are safe due to the very nature of the Wastelands. Of course, good etiquette and common sense mean I wouldn't have done it anyway, but I pretty much thought it was a free-for-all out there.

    That's why someone needs to sit down and write a very comprehensive and detailed rules list or at least update as new bannable acts are discovered / identified.

    Also, for the above comments about new player attitudes - EMC needs to get more proactive with it's Mod presence. We had a small, tight community for the main part that is now filling rapidly with randoms and there is simply no visible moderator presence out there.

    Yeah, we know about Square, etc, but presence is deterrence. We want to be proactive, not reactive.
  17. Common Sense, EMC rules clearly state no griefing/stealing period. This is a server that doesn't tolerate either of those two so why would you think that any part of the server would allow it? I have no sympathy for anyone who does not both read the rules set forth in multiple instances and follow those rules. How hard is it to not touch things that are not yours? The wastelands advisement to not build structures is there because it get's reset frequently, that does not make the wastelands a free for all, this isn't Thunderdome :p
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  18. Yeah, but you can skip it now. And players will skip tutorials if they can.
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  19. Unfortunately. :D
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  20. Yip, and as it's a well known fact that the majority of a playerbase never even go on the Forums, it has to be clear in-game what the rules are.