[SUGGESTION] Make EMC Open Source

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by 72Volt, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. If EMC were open-source, it would be possible for outside devs to help out with the development of new features and such.
    Take a look at what reddit is doing. They're opening up their source code for all to use, allowing for the developer community to assist in reddit's development. By doing this, others are creating clones of reddit, arousing interest as to where the design came from.

    This could happen to us. We could be the home of a revolution in open-source survival multiplayer Minecraft programming. People from far and wide could come to EMC to experience the forefront of open-source Minecraft multiplayer.

    I see nothing wrong with this, anyone got any criticisms?
  2. Sneaky little turds could help code things, and at the same time make small glitches on purpose for things like duping:/
  3. One of the worlds biggest Minecraft servers wouldn't take the chance.
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  4. lol no, EMC is unique and should stay as such.
  5. Well fine then, I had a bad idea. It's all cool.
  6. No problem, just a thought...

    Just not the 'Einstein'.
  7. Hmmmm, no.
    If EMC is open source then other servers can use EMC code. Which could damage us.
  8. One of EMC's biggest attractions is how unique it is in the sake that everything just "works together".

    If people were to clone EMC, it doesn't matter how much you think people will "wonder where the style came from", there would be way more harm than good from it. Reddit is Reddit, it's huge... it doesn't have to worry about clones. We are sadly not that big of a deal to think the same...

    All the people who wish we would install X Plugin they want? They would just copy EMC, run their own server with the plugin's they want.

    Overall, we would lose people... Because to most players, running a copy of EMC on their home PC would be "good enough" and tweaking it to the way they like it is overall better to them, but what is better to them isn't better for everyone else, so we make the right choices to shape EMC to be a unique server everyone enjoys.

    The biggest thing is that most stuff works together. We can't even really open source even parts of EMC...

    Entity Limiter is the closest thing we could, and it's something I'd like to do, but it currently depends on code from the Empire plugin, and depends on EMC specific stuff, so no-one else would even be able able to compile nor run it.
  9. It's like those cheap, fake ipod rip offs you might see. I mean sure they look like and work like the real thing, but they will NEVER be as good as the original.
  10. But the problem is, many users will "buy" it, and be "satisfied" and look no farther to realize its a knock off and they could have better...
  11. *cough* hewhomustnotbenamed *cough*
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  12. I assuming you mean Cough on a field?
  13. Copper fields are where old quarries used to be ;)
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  14. Also, with the source code, people could find bugs and exploits much more quickly than now.
  15. /lockthread
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  16. EMC is like a secret family recipe, its uniqueness is something enjoyed by all. If everyone were to know this secret recipe, then it may become commonly used, and would lack uniqueness and become too common. I mean, I do think EMC should share some of its custom plugins with others including eggifying and unlimited fireworks, but not much after that.
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  17. Sorry but EMC should not share any of their custom plugins or else it we will lose players to clones. It would also mean other servers taking th credit for the work that our developers such as Aikar have done and worked hard on.
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  18. I agree with Aikar. Before I went to EMC the first time I had been to a few servers that is good but not great. I think EMC is THE best and THE unique Minecraft servers I've seen, heard and read.
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