[suggestion] Make an Ingame Wiki for Commands to help players...

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have seen it many times when i was afk, and i get on and a player asked a certain command, but no one was on to do the following...

    Why not make a simple well known command for a set item?

    /res command help

    Doing this would bring up a catalog like so

    Welcome to the Residence Command Help.
    Choose what section you need help with....

    If you clicked on say Permissions, it would bring up a page with more detail, and allow players to see example commands...

    This is a rough idea, but would help players...

    Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions,

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  2. +1 Because I'm lazy and don't like to look up things on the wiki, and players would probably find this user-friendly. :)
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  3. From a laziness standpoint +1
    For new players, I think this could be helpful as a quick resource for help +1
    So from my point of view, things like this are not as hard as some the crazy in depth things aikar does, so I would love to see this and a few other things an another quality of life update
  4. Sorry, but I have to go -1 on this one.

    Now, don't get me wrong: I like your suggestion, it's a good one. But as a contrib I can also see a serious problem with it: adding all of that information is one thing, but who is going to maintain it? Only the developers have access to the server code, and things can (and do) change over time. So I can't help wonder if this wouldn't create a lot of extra work for the developers.

    But the reason I vote nay is also because I think it's safe to say that the forums (so including the wiki) are an important part of the Empire. Some things can only be done here (like running an auction). So it would definitely be something a new player should be aware off one way or another.

    So I personally think that it's much better to keep the help in-game to a minimum (only the most important things, those which hardly change) and refer players to the wiki for everything else.
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  5. I would have to say as much as I like the idea i have to say -1 as well. It will cause issues and create bigger issues that emc already has. one issue it will create is it will draw attention away from the site. many reasons its a bad idea
  6. maybe not a guide of how to use, them, but a list, like finch said:


    that if you hover over them or click them, will get you to the designated EMC wiki sites.
  7. I am in favor of the idea and brought it up in contributor threads before.

    Not everyone has a good computer and Minecraft tends to attract those people (because of low min requirements). Web browsers have also been getting heavier and heavier. When Minecraft is open, my computer simply doesn't have the speed to also run a web browser at a decent speed. It ends up taking an eternity to load any page on the wiki. In these situations, it is discouraging to use the wiki since it would be much faster to have it in-game.

    It is entirely possible to push players to the forums without forcing them to use the forum wiki. Info used in-game (feature signs, etc.) should be available in-game. Info for the forums (how to do auctions, etc.) should be available primarily on the web.

    The other problem people have brought up is how to organize/contribute to it. Having it pull directly from the forum wiki would work well. Depending on how it's made, the system could pull data from the website or directly from however wiki info is stored. There is no need for anyone else to have access to the code.

    The argument tends to come up in these kind of suggestions that it is bad because staff don't have enough time or should work on other things. That is the kind of question that only a few people on the dev team can answer and it shouldn't be a reason for other users to -1 it. As long as it is remotely feasible, there is no reason to judge it based on technical problems that no one really knows about for sure.
  8. I think one thing that would help and would be less work on staff is if they opened up the chat so none supporters out in the wild can talk to those in town and answer their questions.
  9. I really enjoy reading such suggestion threads as these where there's a well-written OP, and in the comments are both arguments for and against the suggestion! Quite interesting! :)