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  1. The ability to lock an enderchest would be amazing especially to prevent a player from destroying the chest. The real idea comes from the option to do, first line "lock", second line is the owner's username, the third line says whether the locked item is public or not.

    In the future, the player is able to left click the sign and toggle the status of the public lock. Assuming the lock is not public, it'll say "Public:False" and if it is available it'll say "Public:True"

    This allows enderchests and beds to be publicly used while the owner retains all the control over whether its destroyed or not.
  2. I don't want to be a hater, but -1 sorry

    1) if it is in an outpost nobody in you outpost would grief it
    2) If it's in a unsecured place.. I would put it in a secured place
    3) transfer you stuff from a enderchest to a locked chest

    There is another part of me that says its a good idea but other half it's bad. Sorry if I'm being to mean :p
  3. no worries, however, we can talk about this and tweak the idea as we go.

    1.what prevents an outpost from being griefed? Has that changed in the last 6 months to where a player cannot destroy blocks within your outpost land?

    2. if its a public option, say an ender-outpost and a player keeps destroying it. Thats very annoying and easily prevented.

    3. Wasn't just about enderchests but is that the part of the suggestion you do not like?
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  4. +1

    When I go to mine in the waste and set up a lil temporary base I like to leave my enderchest...my enderchests have constantly been griefed and its sooo annoying to have to go and make another on since staff can't replace greifed object.

    I also like going to the mining event that staff and other players host and most of the time I share a house/base with friends and I usually bring a couple enderchests with me so we can use but I don't like leaving them around when I'm not close by to keep an eye cuz I'm afraid someone will try and steal it so I always wanted to be able to lock it so that only I can break it but it still be usable by other players :)

    anyway my short response is yes, yes I would like this to be a thing haha
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  5. It's probably not something I'd use myself, but it sounds like a good idea to me. One thing though; I think the public/private part isn't the best of ideas since that can only lead to confusion (IMO of course). Reason I say this is because you can already use Enderchests everywhere in town, even if you don't have the container flag, so it might be best to be consistent with that in the wild too.

    And well, as to me saying I probably won't use it: I said the same about locking signs in the Wastelands and there are now 2 (or 3) of them out there :)


    You probably know this, but this line confused a little bit; beds can already be locked. But re-reading I guess that's also what you meant :)
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  6. I like this idea. I am in (current) charge of the SMP5 Iron/Gold farm, and I would like to see this for some of the enderchests.

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  7. I love the idea!
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  8. Thanks guys. Will go back and edit the line that a player said was confusing :) Other than that, no updates to the idea so far.