[SUGGESTION] Linking accounts on the derelict policy

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  1. So... this is probably rather a lot of work... and would probably mean the derelict policy would have to run off IPs or something...

    Basically, using the alt detection systems, can it be made so if any one of a players accounts have logged in within the last 10 days, then all the other accounts can't go derelict, even if it's been over 10 days since they logged in.

    It may sounds dumb, but I'm pathetic at remembering to login my alts if I've logged in on my main. Dunno how possible this is though.
  2. Sounds Good! That way my alt's res won't get derelict! :D Maybe a "Set Alt" command so you can set which accounts are your alts?
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  3. Wouldn't just logging in everyday be easier?
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  4. /set alt is the easy way of doing it (but Aikar's still gonna ruin the economy with it anyways), and probably the only possible way of doing it. Justin and Aikar are busy with Dragon Tombs etc.
  5. /set alt would make it so you can link accounts to someone elses account. You could abuse this.
  6. maybe they would have to agree? sort of like /tpa on some servers?
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  7. Honestly, probably yes. But I (and probably many others) aren't exactly the best at remembering to do so, as I just think about if I've logged into EMC recently, not what account(s) I have done so.

    Anyway, this suggestions isn't one of those "Add dis or I wil killz u all" ones, it's just a "if it's easy enough, then please do this. If not, then I'll live". =]
  8. /setalt is something way more complex than I was thinking of for this. But if it was going to be done, I think there should be a failsafe like the one mentioned long ago in this thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-verified-alts.12149/
  9. I have two sons with accounts and I use one of their residences sometimes so I periodically log in on their accounts to keep them active since they no longer play much.

    I understand it's easy to forget. I just see it as part of my responsibility if I want to use those accounts. Your suggestion of tracking IP's would make it easier for me also. Sounds like a lot of work though.
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  10. TBH, I never knew you had 2 children. I never expected you to either :eek: That came as sort of a shock xD
  11. Your dad would probably call me sir.
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  12. Just looked at your profile. You're 47, my dad is 41 (42 in January) :p

    I'm 12 (13 in May...), my little brother is 10 (11 in January), my sister is 8 (9 in January), and my youngest brother is 1.
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  13. what has this thread turned into...
  14. i like this idea