[SUGGESTION] Let past-supporters reset res message

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  1. Read the full title please, also... if a staff member sees this, could you perhaps change [allow] to [let] to make the full title show in the recently active threads box? If it still shows up with "to reset res..." I would be quite content if you changed other words too :) done =)

    I currently have a residence in which the message goes something like ?bW?ae?2l?.... and so on due to the color code glitch.

    I think it would be beneficial to make a command or something that would allow a past supporter to change their residence message back to the default message [Welcome to -'s residence!], so it is not stuck in the way it was the last time they were able to change it.

    Sorry if this is something suggested previously, though I did not see anything on the bug tracker!
  2. You might just be able to talk with a mod or admin about it and i'm sure they wouldn't mind resetting it for you. :)
  3. I do not see why not.
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  4. This HAS to be put into the empire! Past supporters are allowed to take off there hidden feature on livemaps, so why not this. :)
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  5. Here is an idea for the command
    ./res message default
  6. That makes all of the flags default.
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  7. Fixed
  8. Cool idea, since past supporters might want to change what their res theme is, etc.
  9. I found out there is already a command. wiki>commands>supporter commands> ./res message remove enter/leave
  10. yes, i think it is a good idea, mine went crazy because the &b thing to make it blue changed to ?b and i couldnt fix it. So i had to buy supporter again -.-
  11. I would loooove this.... I definitely want to reset a few of my res messages as in all of them.... Get crackin' aikar I'll bake you a cookie for this
  12. It would seem that that command does not work :(

    Both me and a gold supporter, who was kind enough to help, [csmanion!] got a message "Invalid area" on any place of our residence in which we attempted to use the command.
  13. This would be good to be implemented, cause in example when you had a mega mall before, and created a nice enter and leave message for it. Then later, you don't have the funds for supporter anymore. When you would decide to take down your mall and make a big farm out of it, the message will still keep saying it's a mall, and that can be really stupid:p
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  15. this is now live, /res message default
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  16. Not working for me, either pops up as incorrect usage or that only gold+ can adjust messages
  17. oops i see the issue, will fix in next update

    try /res message default default
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