[SUGGESTION] Legit Event Trophies

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Evesthery, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. A week ago I won a round of firefloor. The trophy was renamed blaze powder. The renaming was not colored. I think that for events hosted at the official event res, the trophy should be renamed in color, or anyone could fake a trophy. Even if this would be hard to do with the event reses in there current state, maybe this could be implemented when the games server is opened.
  2. Was it also in Italic, then?
  3. The trophy is usually tokens. The reason they don't do that is because there are usually 3-6 games a week, so they'd become practically worthless.
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  4. yes, but with legit trophies, you'd know who actually won.
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  5. However, if they were that common, they would be sold, defeating the purpose.
  6. Nosellallowed
  7. I got one myself, this week. Still I hung it on wall with Pride.
  8. I have hung mine on the wall, too, but I'm unhappy with the state of the trophies.
  9. Don't know if that's possible...
  10. It
    is, I've seen it done.
  11. Well, if people would want to sell it, that'd be their problem, I think... I see voter's armor getting sold as well.
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  12. Yeah, no idea what's up with that >.>
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  13. Those "trophies" are not from EMC. I put the renamed blaze powders in the winners chests each week. Just a little something I like to do for my favorite EMC event. :)

    I do like the idea of having official renamed trophies for events like FireFloor and MobArena, perhaps when the games server is opened as Evesthery suggested.
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  14. Hahaha, awesome! Very nice of you :)
  15. THX, Kalia1784! :D
    Official renamed trophies from EMC, would be nice. But you taking your time to do that, means a lot to me.
    I'm sure others think the same way.
    Thx again!
  16. It would be an interesting feature, however since there is so many events that go on on the Empire, I think it'd definitely defeat the purpose of them due to the sheer amount of them going into the community. There's just be too many of them.

    Otherwise, cool idea. Maybe when the games server is implemented.
  17. Why would there being many of them defeat the purpose of them? They aren't meant for selling. They're meant to be proud of when you've won. There is a sheer amount of them into the community, but it's not like everyone has an award or two. It's still an accomplishment if you get one. And if it isn't worth much money, that's only good, because such things shouldn't be meant for selling. It's surely worth emotional value to some people.
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