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+1, idk, or -1?

+1 15 vote(s) 100.0%
I dunno m88 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. As I have been getting more and more inactive on EMC, I still want to keep up voting, I think it'd be a good and helpful thing if on the vote page on this very website, it says when you have voted last, just like it does in game. I don't know, this may not work but I think it'd be a good idea.

    I want your honest feedback, and yes, this suggestion isn't perfect by any means. I'd like to see some other add-ons to this suggestion in the comments.
  2. Isn't this already a thing...?
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  3. The suggestion is to add the time when a player voted last on the vote page. As this of a suggestion, is a great idea. Again, Hamster would have to do some magical engineering to gain each player's info of last vote time.

    If he's able to manage that, it would be a great addition to the voting page.
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  4. Eh, I just go on my Rupee History :) But +1
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  5. I usually have to load up my game or trawl through pages of r logs so this would be great :D
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  6. Exactly what Foxy said, I mean like it will say the time you last voted.
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  7. I'm all for this! Would stop me from being stupid and screwing with my streak.

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  8. If/when this data becomes available through the API, it will be added (I'd like to make the gold/silver buttons work cross device, which is dependent on this).
  9. Wait couldn't you just use the timestamp on the rupee log?
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  10. Technically yes, but the code to do that would make that page loading be insanely slow.
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  11. Would it be possible to use the more accurate in game timer then?
  12. OK then!
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  13. That would need to be exposed via the API, which is likely to happen at some point in the future.
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  14. Sounds great. Thanks!
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  15. Would it maybe be quicker to use the information from the tokens page, as that page is less likely to get spammed with other things? :)
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  16. Still a nightmare to access and try to convert to anything meaningful, unfortunately.
  17. bUUmp, need more votes and feedback after a long break
  18. I've already said it'll be done as soon as the data becomes available. There's not much more feedback that can be given.
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  19. Well to be fair it was 11:07pm yesterday and I was losing it, sorry hamster. ;-;