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What do you think about this idea?

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  1. Hey all,

    So I had this idea of there being a flag which disallows other players picking up items off the floor, say you're breaking lots of chests but want your friends or someone to be on the res at the same time or something like that but you don't want them to pick it up - this idea is kinda like dropitems flag but "pickupitems" flag

    I hope you get what I mean,

  2. This already exists in the pvp arenas.
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  3. +1 here
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  4. "in pvp arenas" not in res's
  5. +1

    /res set move f works too, though.
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  6. +1 This could help with people stealing items off the ground and then denying it.
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  7. All i have to say is this:

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  8. Yes, you have my vote. :)

    I have seen this happen multiple times randomly on other people's residences, and it would be nice to be able to control the flow of items falling on the ground on your plot of land, and keeping people from taking something that they're not supposed to.
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  9. +Doggie (+10000)
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  10. Yes!!! +chocolatebar x 1 million! I had this problem when my friend moved from smp7 to smp4.
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  11. +1
    Would prevent stealing and reports!
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  12. +promo for this. ^-^
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  13. +1
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  14. This wording, although acccuracte, just cracks me up.
    I'll put it on my to-do list for new flags. :)
  15. Hm... what if you have dropitems on but pickupitems off? Then when somebody accidentally drops their stuff, they can't pick it up anymore :p
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  16. My consern :3
    Maybe make it that when you set pickup items flag to false, dropitem flag gets set to false too?
    Would love to see this feature though.
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  17. I like it.. but I agree.. if you can't pick up you also shouldn't be able to drop.
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  18. Too bad the devs are busy.. :p