[Suggestion] Increase The Town's Render Distance Limit

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  1. I believe the town's render distance limit should be increased. The reason as to why I think the limit should be increased is because the appearance of the town seems empty.

    At a render distance of four chunks (the current limit), you can only see up to half of the neighboring residences while standing at the center of a residence. However, the cap should be increased to at least seven chunks. At seven chunks, you can stand at the center of a residence and see eight FULL neighboring residences.

    An increased view distance would ultimately lead up to a more satisfying view of the town, cause town screenshots to look better, and increase the overall look of residences.

    In the screenshot below, a higher view distance causes my residence to look bigger and more appealing from where I am standing, due to the mall behind it.

    The town doesn't feel very empty when nearby residences are able to be fully rendered.
  2. This would be really nice on utopia as you'd be able to load your whole res instead of just half at a time... :)
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  3. Thumbs up from me. I definitely think that seeing further could be an improvement, as a lot of the time I just feel so... isolated. However, I don't know if this'll cause lag or not. We still haven't returned to 60 cap (better not go there, or I might catch fire :p), so I assume there is still lingering lag for some (other) people. :)
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  5. If we increase the render distance, my laptop will turn into a black hole and devour the earth. That's how bad my lag would be.
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  6. The view distance becomes client-side controlled (excuse the bad grammar) when it is under the limit. :D
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  7. I totally computer. I even internetted, once.
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  8. How much of a load would, for example, one extra chunk in all directions per account create on the server?

    Don't get me wrong, I like the idea. The concern I have is the overall impact on server performance and, by default, our ability to play effectively.
  9. I would be more interested in being able to render more frontier. Maybe even utopia town as that makes sense but all the towns? That just seems unnecessary. I can stand at the corner of my four square of residences and see them all. That works for me.
  10. +1

    I can't see the other side of my build in town, it'd be nice to be able to view it all.
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  11. If you want an improvement in render-distance we will have to cut down the maxplayers by a large amount.
    And you will all then complain that you can not get online.

    So the choice... do you want to see more than 5 chunks? or do you want to be forced to buy supporter to get online?
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  12. Makes sense.

    Just 1 additional chunk on utopia town would go a long ways towards being able to see the whole res and prevent accidental entc issues. 3 more would make sure it was all covered, but I'd understand if you couldn't go that far. It's silly to have a large plot and have to segment it into small builds if you want it to work and look normal.
  13. I can't see all of my gardens from my museum, and same for vice versa. That makes my museum look pretty weird for photos because only half of it is loaded and the rest of it won't load unless I get too close to it, and then I can't get a good shot... There's lots of advantages for increasing it so it would be nice to see it but there are disadvantages too. At least, the main one being the max player cap. Surely there's some kind of long term way of doing something though... Perhaps someone has some ideas that can incorporate both better render distance and keeping a good player cap? Both are kind of important.
  14. I'm sure staff already determined where we are at is a good middle ground. As 5IMON said, if the render distance is increased we may be forced to pay our way onto the server because of thr render distance load the server ends up taking.

    We'd alsp lose 80% of the poeplee already here in the process - not a tradeoff anyone wants.

    EDIT: There's a bug with the render distance once you hit 6 anyway. So even if it were possible nobody would want to do it because the chunk rendering would be spazzing out.
  15. Yeah, the render distance limit atm is the middle ground. You'd have to significantly cut into max players to increase it beyond what it is right now.
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