[Suggestion] Increase Entity Activation Range on Utopia

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Recently, I was building a carrot potato farm on utopia using villagers and reading the wiki on the forums, I thought the entity (villager) activation range was 16 blocks each way from the player. However, I found out later that the range is actually only 8 blocks each way from the player. My suggestion, as the title suggests, is to have the activation range be increased on utopia for those at farms. It would be very helpful to me and others. Also, hopefully it would not be too hard for dev's to change.

    Another idea, similar to this one, is to extend the activation ranges for villagers (and other entities) in all smp's. This would be very centered around villagers because they are the ones a player would most want to be active. Most other animals would not benefit from this.

    What do you all think? Have you ever had problems with activation ranges in the past?

  2. Is will still work, they just move slow. I believe the full range is larger then this. My carrot/potato farm on utopia works fine.

    But +1 to large range :D
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  3. If it can be done without causing performance issues I will hit it with a +1! :eek:
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  4. Sorry, but I say no. Aikar lowered the distance for a reason.....I can't remember right now. Lol I think it was a lag resolution issue. Also, it seems "unfair" to only do this to utopia. Anywho, that is all. :) Sorry bruh
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  5. Good point Blondekid! As Faith said, if we can do it without causing performance issues, then that'd be best. Also, this is an awesome community where we can all tell our opinions. No need to be sorry ;)
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  6. Maybe increase but have it go inactive if you are afk for 15 mins?
  7. we don't need to increase the range. I've had a ticket on the backlog to make it so when a villager 'starts' farming, it goes into immunity mode, and will remain active until its done, and then go back into inactive state.

    We will get to it when we can
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  8. Thanks Aikar! That ticket sounds great. I had no idea there was even such a state, but that sounds perfect. I can't wait for it to be implemented (no rush). I guess this thread can be closed then?