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  1. The purpose of this login is so that you have the option to type in a password when you join any EMC server to move around or any sort of action. This will allow for people who share accounts with siblings or just want to have more protection for whatever reason. I have been on other servers and thought it would be a good idea for something like that to be on EMC. It would be optionally activated in the /ps setting and you would type in a password that you want to use. Then, whenever you connect to an EMC server you'd have to type in the password to gain access. Any thoughts, questions, or concerns?
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  2. This is actually not a bad idea. It gives more protection to the player and it is optional. +1
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  3. If it's optional, I fully support this :)
  4. Yes as said, I like the idea but would like it optionial for the players who don't feel the need to login everytime.
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  5. +1 i like how you want it optional :)
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  6. I like it. Some people have to share an account with siblings and this would be a way to make sure they don't get you banned. It would also make moderating easier because the "my [insert family member here] did it" excuses, whether true or not, would no longer be a problem.
  7. +1 Nice idea!
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  8. Thanks for all the positive feedback!
  9. Good idea, just one thing; if the player used an smp command I.e /smp1 would they have to reenter password? Some players could find this a tad irritating, but if there wa a fix then this would be an excellent idea :)
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  10. Good point, maybe a small "buffer" server set up for everyone to automatically join, then once they login they are sent to the default server or their last server... Maybe if you don't have a password you would bypass that server altogether.. The server wouldn't need many resources, and could have a say 30 second timeout if you don't enter your password..
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  11. I didn't think of that. Maybe what would happen is that something sees that someone logged in and "checks" them off that they already entered. Another fix would be a time limit in which they could switch without needing to enter password again. So say you have x amount of time to switch a server without entering the password.
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  12. Don't know if you got that, but YES!
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  13. Without any official plans to add this to EMC at this time; I will say, this is a really neat idea/concept!
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  14. There would also have to be some way for the player to reset the password if they forgot it.
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  15. I don't see myself using this, but I can definitely see where this would be a very neat idea for others to use, like others have previous said, to protect their accounts from others who share the account. And given the fact that it'd be optional I see no reason as to why this would be of any problem to the Empire (Y'know, something like 0 complaints about this addition, if it were to be added :p). +1 :)
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  16. I like this idea, my brothers are constantly getting on my accounts and going on EMC, +1
    Although I have a terrible memory :D
  17. Very good idea! Some people have been banned because they have a little brother or sister that messes with their stuff all of the time!
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  18. You have my +1, I like this idea and would love to see it implemented :)
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  19. Wow, why haven't we thought of this earlier? :confused:
    That's actually a great idea, because the launcher keeps you logged in by default.
    Then the next question is: How would you reset your password? Fill in a Google form? That could be a bit tedious for staff, if people decide to abuse it.
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  20. I could only assume that EMC could send your password set-up with email.
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