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What do you think? :)

Yes 15 vote(s) 75.0%
No 5 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. I know soulpunisher suggested this earlier, but sadly the post was sidetracked, I think its a good idea and believe it should be looked at;

    I would like to propose an idea for a "Block" button on the forums. This would be very helpful for everyone who is trying to ignore someone for whatever reason.
    On the server one can easily avoid people by doing /ignore, but they can just easily come onto the forums and continue.

    I would like you're guy's opinions for this idea. Thank you.
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  2. Personally, I think this would be a good idea.
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  3. I remember this being suggested a while back, but was rejected since the website could not do it...
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  4. please krysyy!
  5. Please Krysyy Just try Harder :)
  6. i dont think it was denied because it couldnt have been done but because the other thread wasnt getting good feed back :) (if im wrong please let me know :) )
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  7. I'm pretty sure there's some limitations and it would be super hard to implement. I have a feeling it was previously rejected because it couldn't be put in, at least using this version of XenFero. I'm not sure what the plans are for when the site eventually updates, though that's likely a while off, as we are focusing on in-game updates, etc :)
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  8. Not showing posts based on their username should be possible... of course people might change their name, though. And then there are also things like alerts, likes, pm's... it seems possible, but very impractical to add.
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  9. I'm pretty sure it's related to the Xenforo version. On EMC we don't have this feature but on another forum I frequent which uses a modern Xenforo version this feature is available. So my guess is that there's little which the staff can do right now, this may happen once they upgrade Xenforo.
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  10. Now that I thought about it, it actually seems simple if they have access to the process for loading pages.

    Simply add a form similar to searching for members, and save the UID of the player somebody wants to ignore. Then when a page on the forums is being loaded, display the message if UID != blocked UID. Else, don't show up. Of course, this kind of janky implementation will have to be removed when we eventually upgrade Xenforo (maybe by 2020?), but it should serve for now.

    However, I disagree that this should be implemented everywhere on the forums. It should be a thing only for PMs and profile posts (and don't tell me to make my entire profile and inbox private, that's a terrible solution). This is because, like the /ignore command, there comes a gaping hole available for drama when people are having a conversation and one side of it is silenced for somebody. This person is now confused, asks who everyone is talking to/about, everyone realizes that player A blocked player B, and a shit show ensues.

    I think it's a great idea for PMs and profiles, though.
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  11. As mentioned before, the version of the XenForo that the forum runs on means that it is really not possible for this to be implemented into our forums. Sure, if this was possible, I might consider saying yes, but as Haro mentioned, being blocked from being added to convos is really enough as it is. And also, why is this going on?
    Devs to the forums as too, right?
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  12. great idea cuz u know some people spam in this world.. well I have 2 with a giant whale face in the town chat (basically this : .______________.) but yes! I totally agree! but some people take it way too far.
  13. If this is doable, it would be very worth it.
  14. I voted no, not because I don't think there is a need to sometimes ignore certain players on specific days but rather I don't think it's that hard to just ignore someone without the need for a block function.

    You see, we're all behind computers. In the game you can ignore or turn off chat. On the forum all you have to do is not click on anything with their name on it. So I don't see the need and in the end all I think this does is send bad vibes towards the EMC community as a whole. If someone is doing something against the rules, report them. If they are just annoying you, ignore them (not with a button but just by not clicking). Seems simple to me.
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  15. I think this would be great! =D good thinking Sparti!
    hope u can do it krysyy! ^-^
  16. there are a lot more reasons for having such a button ^u^ not to stop you from clicking something with their name but vise versa, and how are you to stop them from posting on your wall if you clearly show know want to speak to said player? Not only that but for some players doing /ignore isnt just for "a day" as you put it but for long periods of time, possibly for the rest of the time you are on EMC. :)
  17. fair enough, but just FYI you can always delete any message someone else puts on your wall and you should certainly talk to staff if another player is bothering you so they can come and help out. no one should be harassed while on the website.
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  18. The problem is that you can ignore PMs and posts and report, sure... but then there is a point when some start looking for your irl stuff. And sometimes they find it without any lead information other than your username. That's actually quite scary. I think being able to flat out block someone who is consistently bothering you after several warnings would be beneficial and proactive in sending a serious "I'm not interested" message, hopefully deterring them from continuing their quest onto Facebook or Instagram. Plus, it gives players more control before going to staff about people who maybe aren't doing anything terribly against the rules, but who just can't seem to quit. I don't see it as needed for petty stuff, but I think it would be helpful in proactively dealing with people who may go further and be an extra step before going to staff.
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  19. ^^
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