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Should Hunger be allowed in town???

Yes 2 vote(s) 8.0%
No 23 vote(s) 92.0%
I Don't Care 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I believe that adding hunger to town will help the EMC economy. People would have to buy food, and thus create a need for butcher shops. I'm not saying this because i have a large farm, because i don't. I'm suggesting this because it will add a whole new dimension to our game.


    P.S. Sorry if this has already been suggested. I read the list and didn't see it on the list of suggested things.
  2. No, because Town is a place to be safe and not loose hunger or health :p
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  3. The town is meant to be the one safe place for players, no mobs, no damage and no hunger.
    It would be kinda bad if we could starve to death, wouldn't it?
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  4. But you'd always have food if you bought it. Which would help spread rupees around in the economy. Like that would open the door for butcher shops and other farm stores
  5. There is actually some ways to lose hunger :D
    It will regen again tho :D
  6. But, if were not starving to death, why would we need to?
  7. I geuss that you would need to eat food for sprint? Possibly?
  8. I don't much like the idea of bringing survival aspects into town myself.
    That's what the wild is for, the town in for living and building stuff without worrying about little things like that.
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  9. this is why i never have food on utopia XD
  10. I say no. Town is meant to be a completely safe place to build, including no hunger or health depletion.
    People already buy food, as it is a huge necessity if you're going in to the wild, wastelands, or nether.
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  11. I agree with what everyone else has said. Town is supposed to be a safe place to be and thus cannot have us losing hunger and people already buy food for the wild.
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  12. * cough * Dystopia * cough *

    EDIT: Although I could see this being a new Flag, all it does is deplete your Hunger down to 0 where you cant sprint, but you receive no damage
  13. I think it would be better if eating food in town just gave you potion effects.
  14. If you want to run out of hunger, and eat food, the wastelands and wild are there for you.
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  15. Uh no sorry town is ment to be safe