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What do you think?

Yessss. 7 vote(s) 26.9%
Please no. 3 vote(s) 11.5%
I'll kill myself if this happens. 4 vote(s) 15.4%
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  1. This is probably one of the worst suggestions you ever saw in any forums... ever, but could you hear me out? I was thinking, I've seen servers have pre-mods and things like that. Maybe EMC could do something like that. Like, maybe if you accepted someone into the helper rank, if you saw they would become a good mod, you would give them the choice. Stay helper or be mod. Maybe they chose to stay helper because they don't want to have the huge responsibility that mods have, but they still wanted to help the empire in a less stressful way? If you see what I mean, give me your opinions on changes and stuff. But if everyone hates it... It was a suggestion, right? Helpers would maybe do the small jobs that mods would do, I dunno... If this is accepted the staff will choice what they will do :p
    P.S. I hope this was good grammer xD
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  2. I could see the usefulness of this, however I don't see it being very useful here. I feel like this would just cause more people to want to quit If they got helper but were never offered mod.
  3. As I said, it would be something of a pre-mod, like the staff considering the person. They should be thoroughly warned that they may not be the best for the job.
  4. We are too good for a helper rank here on EMC.
    Here on EMC, we have a nice community, which regardless of color and rank assist in their best possible way.
  5. The staff can consider a person without bringing the actual player under some sort of spotlight.
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  6. What is the difference of applying for mod? Becoming Helper gives them hope, meanwhile it is a game of unknowningness with the mod applications.
  7. This has been suggested a few times. So far, it has been denied every time. Mainly due to the possibility of players being confused over who to report things to plus other technicalities.

    The admins have done an amazing job picking staff and they can see who deserves it and who doesn't.

    I have, however, heard rumours that chat mods may be added back in the future.
  8. Anyone who would quit the server over not being offered a mod/staff position was probably not mature enough for the responsibility. I also think that something less noble than a desire to serve the community compelled them to seek consideration in the first place.
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  9. There has been discussion and it's not a bad idea, but for reasons already stated, the decision has been made to keep things the way that they are.

    Moderators are trusted with access to square and with in game moderation commands like kick and mute.(and some others) Giving out those permissions and keeping tabs to assure they are being used properly are the responsibility of Sr. Staff. It is very time consuming to learn the tools and for the staff as a whole to absorb new people, who must work together to keep staff actions fair and uniform. Sr. Staff has their work cut out to pick the best fit from so many applicants.

    There are many, many EMC players who have a great deal to offer our community, but do not need a Moderator title in order to do so. Some additional titles have been created. Build team and contribution team are given some special tools and permissions and a leadership role in their area. They are in a position to contribute greatly to the community through their own effort, but also by recognizing the good things that are being done by others and promoting them. They might not even want to deal with the same tasks as a moderator.

    I would not be surprised if in the future more specialized titles will be created to help players identify members of our community that act in leadership roles. Mentoring new players a very hard title to give out. It would require a player to invest practically all their time or risk offending anyone in the endless march of people who join and try out our server. Most people can only mentor a few new players at a time, but for those players, it makes a huge impact. I can't say often enough how valuable a service to the community greeting new players is. (without demands for personal gain of course) Anyone can help in this way at any time they choose and I highly respect the many players that I see are already doing it frequently.

    In regard to picking staff who 'deserve' it or don't: There have been lots of people apply for mod that were not selected, but it had nothing to do with deserving. It's more about being a good fit for the job. As staff we sometimes joke about 'what did I do to deserve this?" The truth is that we are really enjoying being able to help players and the EMC community or we would resign and do something else. I don't feel that I 'deserve' to be a mod more than most of the players on our servers, but I do know that I have some qualifications that allow me to do moderator tasks well.
  10. Like a trial mod
  11. Yeah, that's what I meant. I just failed to use a good word :p
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  12. Guess what!
    You are already a helper. There are many things you can and may already do to help out. If you ever apply for moderator, those things are going to be used to determine your eligibility. Keep up the good work!
  13. Here's how some servers have it:

    1 server:
    Junior Mod --> Mod --> Senior Mod --> Admin
    Chat Mod --> Super Mod --> Admin

    Another Server:
    Helper --> Mod --> Admin
    Forum Mod


    What both of those have is a mod (kind of like a trial mod) ... where you are given some of the moderator tools and are trialing the moderator position for a few weeks... if you do well within that guideline, the promote you to a regular mod... if not then you're reverted back to a player or are given another go.

    The helper (some of you know where that is from) ... can not ban people or mute people ... however, they are able to report players ... anyone in game on our server, however, is already able to report player's so a helper would be in a sense useless....

    If you want to help out staff, you already can - someone is acting out, griefing, etc... screenshot it, go tell a mod, etc

    If you see a bug, go pm the developers or chickeneer and aikar...

    I have thought technically though, that some of the moderators here could have a different title, in a sense...

    They could be what you'd call a 'forum moderator' ... and a regular moderator is moreover 'in game based' ...
    Some of the staff might not have time to play all the time, but they could browse the forums and deal with problems on here ...

    There could also technically be website developers - compared to just in-game developers...

    There could also be an Advertising consultant or something - Like someone in charge of the youtubers to see if they are technically doing their job - or to help them monetize.

    - Other then that, I don't know many other ranks that we would necessarily be beneficial.
  14. This has idea has been brought up many times before....
    I share eklektoi's P.o.v.
  15. This has been posted before, and has been denied. There's no use in making a rank that has no special benefits to it. Free players can just help anybody on their own, so why bother?

    You don't need a special rank to do this:
    Empire Help.png
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  16. Reply to everyone: They were to have special benefits like kicking, it would be the staff's choice, I wouldn't have suggested it if it was only a fancy name :p
  17. I think this is great, this rank would be useful to anyone who's been on for a while, and has seen the Empire grow and whoever has also seen how much weird stuff goes on, and they could be extremely useful with giving advice to new players so the mods don't get hammered with minor issues when they come online. They should probably be able to refer any issues to staff as well, they shouldn't be able to kick or ban but they should be able to resolve some problems where a mod isn't extremely necessary.