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  1. Tons of times I've been going through the forums when I see a reversed auction on, and the majority of the time, a mod has to edit the post or comment about how reversed auctions work. This is because reverse auctions are a new concept, and a lot of people jump the gun thinking they're buying something for cheap, but they're selling things they don't have.

    So my suggestion is to have a short summary of reverse auctions, and consequences that can come if the tip is not followed. Less work for admins and less grievance for players in the future.

    Similar to a tip like this
    (Edited link, and edited suggestion with thanks to tuqueque for elaborated my idea)
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  2. Suggestion has not happened. I am fully aware of its own forum topic, and the required information that is stickied to the top. However, the point of this suggestion is to raise awareness to the PARTICIPANTS of what he or she is doing when he or she posts onto the thread. As 607 said:
    Took the words right out of my. Keyboard.
    participants, if unaware, can get themselves into deep trouble due to there being a lack of info for the bidder.
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  3. if the bidders or the host are unaware of the rules they should read the rules...that is why they are there
    and if they get into trouble they should had read the rules...but as you said this is a new concept so there are a lot of misconceptions so i agree with you to motivate players to READ AND FOLLOW the rules.

    if anything of the things i wrote doesn't make sense, i'll be happy to explain it to you...English is not my first language;)

    i think your idea is to auto put on top of the reverse auctions a little summary of how it works
    If this is your idea i'll say +1 because is a new concept
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  4. Makes good sense to me, reading the rules is good and should be endorsed. But a little reminder can go a long way, especially for someone who, innocently, just isn't informed.
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  5. i don't know if you read the edited version so im notifying you again :)
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  6. Updated the chunky suggestion section, and updated the link, thanks tuqueque
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  8. Yeah similar to that, but I was thinking near the typing box, so the person doesn't need to click on the forum topic to know the tip. (Not sure if that's what you meant already)
  9. Yeah, like the rude to post thingy. Should be doable.
  10. Maybe you can put a message Similar in here to notify the bidders...but to have it to be auto-added
  11. *pokes thread*
    It might still be alive