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  1. Quite simple a flag called "head" which can be given to players individually or as a global residence flag.

    This would be additional security in that someone would have to have both build and head in order to take heads from someones res, head flag alone without build would not be enough to do anything; both build and head would be needed to take the heads. Build alone would not allow someone to take heads.

    What does everyone think, is this a good idea? I definitely think it is because some heads can be very difficult to obtain and in addition are rather expensive ;)
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  2. Why not just take the heads down first, or just not give them build if you don't trust them...
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  3. Yea this doesn't really sound like a good idea.. heads count as "blocks" and build is a flag that allows players to place/destroy "blocks"

    Sorry but... I'm just saying,
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  4. I agree with Mini. Either take the head down or don't give out the flag.
  5. We really dont need anymore flags
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  6. agreed
    except the "all" flag which gives a player all the flags to your res so u dont have to keep typing
    /res pset wildtim9 build t
    /res pset wildtim9 use t
    /res pset wildtim9 container t
    /res pset wildtim9 eggify t
    /res pset wildtim9 villager t

    and so on. its soo time consuming
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  7. This is a so-so idea. It could be improved if we had a command that does both at once like /res pset Bob buildh true or something. Other than that I would not really enjoy having to say 2 commands.
  8. i have to do that for 3 other accounts -.-
  9. 1st world problems.
  10. but of course. why cant they do the flags like inviting players to a group:
    /group invite P1 P2 p3 P4 P5 P6

    why cant they do

    /res pset P1 build use villager anvil eggify t

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  11. It's planned to be a little bit better

    /res pset aikar,maxarias +build,use,anvil -teleport,villager kind of syntax
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  12. yay its getting annoying. having to do all dem commands... my alt has no flags on my res because i dont like typing ALL THOSE COMMANDS!
  13. if you use + to add ... and - to deny ... what would you use to remove?
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  14. I'm sure that simply using 'r' would work just fine
  15. Thank god!
  16. Maybe a * could be used? It's sorta like an explosion and so would mean that the flag exploded into nothing so that it isn't there anymore (removed) :p
  17. Taking down heads can sometimes be a huge pain, because well that's simple, you may have hundreds to take down or they may be in exact specific spots that took ages to get right. Sometimes the people you think you can trust let you down after all :(

    I'm not saying this flag is entirely necessary, all I'm saying is that similar to how you can't pick up redstone or mess with it unless you have the redstone flag or pick up a minecart without the minecart flag it'd be nice to have a head flag to ;) For consistency :D

    It wouldn't take to long to code would it? It's just 1 item ID which is an exception to the normal build flag.
  18. Heads are just too small of a case to warrant yet another flag.

    Redstone flag is not intended to block breaking the blocks, its just a side effect. The redstone and minecart flags are there to prevent USING them, ie, for the cases where you don't trust the user with build, but do with use, but don't want them messing with your redstone.
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