[Suggestion] Halloween Promotion

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  1. I made this pretty much as a joke, because it does absolutely nothing. I just got bored and felt like making it.
    EMC Halloween Promo.png
    Who doesn't want to have something that looks like a regular skeleton head when you wear it?
  2. Maybe it could be like the Maxarian head and turn you into a skeleton for 5 or so minutes? And it could say your name above the head.
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  3. I'd like to add to this.
    Maybe make it a regular head and make it so that it will show a random staff members head :p

    The lore can say:

    Halloween Mask

    Be a Random Staff Member for Halloween!
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  4. I'm not really sure how that would be implemented.
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  5. Neither do I! But is sounds cool :p
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  6. Deathconns idea is possible. All you would have to do is write some code to detect when someone puts the head on, then replace the head with a random staff member head with the same name lore. Then detect when they take it off and replace it with the skull.
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  7. That simple ;)
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  8. no

    Maybe its effect could give you projectile protection 8 (and/or other protecion effects) or something crazy like that lol
  9. Woah there Mister "The Freedom Steaks was my idea", slow down there buddy :p
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  10. dathcoon plz, was* xDDDD

    I just dont want a promo that aids the players who kiss up to the staff (they also kiss up to the wealthy) (not saying anyone on this thread is doing that, just stating that there are those out there)
  11. Having a promo that randomly selects a staff members skin has nothing to do with kissing up to Staff...
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  12. I don't think it should change the skin, but I do like the head idea.
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  13. I originally designed this as a Halloween promotion. That doesn't mean Staff heads.
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  14. It's a Halloween thing, maybe instead of staff heads make it random mob heads
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  15. will support this. A promo not having a very good function makes it less valuable therefore when i purge on it (and i know i will) I wont spend too much :p
  16. I was thinking of Christmas when I originally thought of this, and the original skeleton head said "Be a skeleton for Christmas".
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  17. The staff ARE pretty scary ;)
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  18. I quite like this idea, good job on the photoshop :p +1
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  19. That isn't photoshop. He just changed the items NBT (name and lore) a took a screenshot on a server or single player.
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  20. Okay then :p
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