[SUGGESTION] Halloween Boss/Mini-Boss

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+1. (Good idea! I hope this gets into EMC.) 3 vote(s) 42.9%
0. (I'm split 50/50 on this.) 2 vote(s) 28.6%
-1. (I don't think this would make a good spot in EMC.) 2 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. Yes. I know it is, like, seven months until Halloween. Still, listen to me. :)

    With new AI changes in 1.9, the rider in a stack takes control over the bottom "thing", like chicken jockeys. Also, with EMC's ability to change AI, like the giant, who shouldn't have any AI in pure vanilla. My idea is a new miniboss for the Halloween event.

    The headless Horseman skeleton that is riding an un-Eggifiable and unkillable skeleton horse. The skeleton will wear a pumpkin, and some orange armor. The skeleton will switch between a bow and an axe. With the axe, the HH will run at high speeds in a straight line towards the player, dealing insane amounts of damage, then switching to the bow at a distance away from the player, shooting the player with a rapid-fire shot or firing arrows in all directions (8 cardinal directions). The arrows will deal four damage (two hearts) and give the player wither II for 5s. The HH takes 50% more damage with a bow and -50% damage with a sword above 50% HP. Upon reaching half damage, he will go enraged, turning his pumpkin to a jack o' lantern, setting his horse on fire, leaving a trail of fire wherever it goes, giving the HH two more attacks, removing weaknesses, and boosting his attacks. The first attack is to strike 5 lightning bolts in a 10 block radius of the HH, and the 2nd is to summon 2-4 pumpkin minions, that are baby zombies that wear pumpkins, are invisible, and make no sounds. The HH will summon a chest with the loot instead of dropping it due to flame burning the drops. He can grant his pumpkin/jack o' lantern, his axe, his bow, his armor, normal pumpkins, and really rarely, his own steed. The steed is a skeletal horse named "Horseman's Steed" in orange. The horse will have the following stats of 40 HP, 75 Jump, and 140 Speed.

    Tell me what you think! Respond with the poll! Thanks!

    I would like some feedback before publishing this to the People's of EMC.
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  2. Not a bad idea, although a 140 speed horse would be a bit OP. But over all its a nice idea, but me and a bunch others are just want land claimed atm... so maybe after but I don't want much until then.

    Didn't you just "publish it to the people's of emc... that doesn't make much sense :p
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  3. That sounds way OP -1
  4. I said I was split, but just because you took the idea a little too far. I like the idea of a new mob/boss, but all those powers sound a little too OP. Same goes for the drops: 140 speed 40 health horse??? That's insane.
  5. True, but those stats were just right off the top of my head.
    Better stats would be -
    130 Speed
    55 Jump (Weak as offset)
    25 Health

    Also, I didn't mention any stats of the armor or weaponry. So OPness could only apply to the horse.
  6. i think a horse that is skeleton shouldnt have good stats, like maybe a high jump, but like 100 speed and 20 health. its a horse you cant get so why should it have better stats then most breeds?
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  7. You can get it in 1.9, so we might need to factor that into the suggestion.
  8. I thought up the stats in a way like the fight works. Speed to charge attack w/ axe, good HP to invincibility with the HH nearby, and plus, the horse doesn't jump, so weak jump would to lower OPness and balance it.