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  1. So have you ever gotten frustrated when you have to find a suitable place to farm your head? I do. Thats why I'm proposing that EMC should have an official head severer where you can decapitate yourself easily! And in town! The French would love me.
  2. Why not just kill yourself in PVP? or in the Wild?
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  3. That requires more effort than you think. Head farms are few and far between and throwing yourself off spawn sometimes doesn't work. With Pvp there is no way to guarantee that i will be the one getting my head
  4. Why should things be extremely easy?
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  5. Well, Seeing as I farm 4 stacks of heads weekly, I know how much work it is.... also it is a 15% chance dropping, why make it easier?
  6. We have shops so we don't have to venture out into the wild. Why not this? It wouldn't be to difficult to build, just a tall tower to jump off of. In the waste, it took me half an hour of diff 10 to get 12 heads. Why couldn't we make that 5 minutes?
  7. Shops make it easier to sell items, this idea makes it easier to gain items. Two incomparable ideas.
  8. Im saying it would be similar to jumping off spawn outposts accepted you wouldn't accidentally fall into the protected zone. Not that much difference. Besides the area around spawn is so trashed that you would probably die 5 times before picking up the head. This would just make it nice and neat. All this would do is save players time and make it so they could give out more awesome heads.
  9. I know what you are saying, I'm saying that we shouldn't make things easier. There is little/no value in something that is easily gained.
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  10. I like your thinking and your suggestion but yeah.. I don't agree with it. Sorta.

    First off, there already is a death pit on smp2 (iirc Aikars res) where you can jump down and kill yourself. But still... Its already easy in the wild too. Go out, build a platform and add a bed and start jumping down. Take a friend with you for best results (securing your head).

    So a -1 for me.. Its not a bad suggestion, but already something quite easy. The 15% drop chance is also something I think is fair: not making things /too/ easy.
  11. A death pit? How intriguing... (rushes off to jump off a cliff)

    Where would this pit be?
  12. If jumping off a high bed doesn't appeal to you because of the death timer, you can avoid that by using pigmen. Have a friend or alt AFK in a safe, hidden, walled away spot in the Nether on a low difficulty and then much a nearby pigman with a bed spawn set nearby. When you respawn, the pigs will still be there because of your friend/alt, so you can punch one to have them immediately kill you again, ignoring the timer. :)
  13. What is this death timer you're talking about?
  14. when you die in pvp, you have to wait 30 secs(or 1 min, dont remember) to rejoin the arena, basicly wating 20 secs of your life

    edit: nvm
  15. What I do is I go to pvp and go to red@5 and then kill myself in the lava. The head pops in you inv and there is no timer.....

    I also love how you don't say anything about my post when I was trying to help.....
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  16. uh, maybe this? A
  17. In the wild, when you die, there is a short period where you cannot die again. This was to prevent Momentus sucking people in and killing them as soon as they spawned, before they had any chance to get their items back.
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  18. not that it helps much :(
  19. Just don your voter gear, plop down a bed next to a Momentus and after setting your spawn there change your difficulty to 10! I'm speaking from experience here (I actually tried this) I got over a full stack before I was finally able to kill him. It took me about 1/2 an hour total to kill him. When you die, often it heals him.

    Edit: there was no death timer, he would often kill me before I got a swing in... It was quite frustrating since I wasn't trying to farm my head. I was trying to actually kill him.
  20. lol. -1 I can easily get my head when I'm not even trying. ;)