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  1. simple idea, A sub-section for groups(Such as wild outposts), on the forums, allowing only certain people(Group/outpost leaders, and people that the leader assigns) to accept people into the sub-section, and no one that is not in the sub-section, can view.

    I think that made sense o.0
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  2. This would be useful because most outposts have more then 10 members so this way we would be able to keep our outpost convos secret and not have to have multiple private convos for all the members. +1
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  3. This sounds like an Empire. Well, Aikar plans on adding Empires and along with it an Empire group system on the actual Empire website. I think this may include some of what you are saying.

    Other than that, it seems that a private message on the forums would suffice for most of your needs.
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  4. exactly, sharing locations with everybody, without sharing them with *EVERYBODY* is a pain, among-st other things...

    P.s....sweet signature =P
  5. Thanks :D
  6. You can just add up to 10 people to a PM on the site and it would be just as good IMO
  7. other than the outpost I'm a part of, has many many more than 10 people, and it'd be nice to add new member to the same "chat" as the old ones.
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  8. Yeah that is a good point, +1 from Bro I guess. That is a pretty big flaw in my idea lol
  9. would it be safe to assume that, if you were running things, this means it'd be on the forums before midnight? =P ahaha
  10. Also remember: Aikar is limited to what he can do on the forums.
  11. If there was a way to this (and if Aikar hasn't planned it in the future) I could see this being useful. However, you could also create a website for your outpost using weebly or something with an address or required passcode only shared with outpost members. =)
  12. This is entirely possible, but may not be based on XenForo.

    This feature is also planned with Empires. For now, I'd recommend a free hosting website.
  13. For public outposts it is always a question, where to discuss stuff: PM, forums or in-game. While PMs are neat for individual projects in an outpost it is sad that they create an exclusive group and only the invited members can know what is going on with this project.
    On the other hand, public outposts depend on their visibility in the EMC forums which is hard to achieve with an external webpage or closed subsection. IMHO you can not do without a standard forum thread for a public outpost.
    You might end up having a forum thread, a closed subsection, an external webpage and PMs and it is going to be a big mess :)
    Private outposts and other groups have other requirements that not depend so much on visibility.