[Suggestion] Group name plates?

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  1. It would be pretty cool if it was easier to see the name plates of the members in a group. Maybe something similar to what Battlefield does, or any game that you play as a squad. Maybe instead of a name plate going dim when the player goes behind a solid block, the name plate stays bright white, or it turns into more of an indicator icon. So if you're out in the wild and trying to stick together, it gives you more of a squad feel. Also a command to toggle this on and off.
  2. I honestly do not see a reason not to implement this.
  3. I like this idea very much.
  4. I think in the wild - it would help you know if someone's not just creeping up on you ...

    But if this is or isn't implemented - I feel as though it should be toggleable (especially if it was also added in text chat)

    -because that's why I quit a few servers after awhile, is because the chat was so spammy with titles and subtitles

    -but if it's only for hovering above your name - and is toggleable - then I personally wouldn't mind it.
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  5. I think this could be cool, but do you know what would be even cooler? Dragon Tombs.
  6. Yeah it would be, but i'm sure there are enough people talking about the Dragon Tombs on other threads.
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  7. I'm just so anxious for Dragon Tombs. In all actuality, I like that idea, but I would like to see some other stuff done first, but one reason I like EMC is because it doesn't have all that extra, miscellaneous stuff. For another server, it would be great, but it's just not what EMC needs right now.
  8. Yeah, but this isn't a thread about dragon tombs, this is about a suggestion. I think Aikar is doing what he can and I'm sure he has plenty of time for little updates in between. This is a great idea, we always get lost and have to meet up somewhere when in the wild. Mainly when we're on horses. :p
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  9. I just mentioned Dragon Tombs as a side note, I more prefer to keep EMC simple, but fun. One of the reasons I joined the Empire was because of how easy it was to adjust to. If this gets put in, everybody will want their suggestion put in as well. I'm not trying to be rude or judgmental. Nor am I trying to shoot down your idea completely. I just think it's a slippery slope, and I just don't want to see EMC become just like all the other servers, adding all these unneeded add-ons. I hope I haven't offended you in any way, I'm just kinda paranoid that EMC will stop being the server that we all know and love.
  10. You haven't offended anybody, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I don't see how more visible group name plates will ruin the experience. If anything it will make it more fun to go exploring with your squad mates, by making it easier to keep track of those in your group.

    The whole reason for "The Suggestion Box" is for ideas, and anyone can pipe up if they have an idea they want a staff member to check out. Just because someone's idea get implemented, that doesn't mean everyone expects theirs to be added as well, I expect most people are mature enough to handle rejection.

    But from what I am feeling about what you are saying ( and this is simply how i'm interpreting it) is that you don't want anyone to make suggestions, because they will all ruin EMC. Maybe it was just how you worded it, but that's what I got from your post.
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  11. Yeah, I should have worded that better, let me explain little further.
    I played on a server at one time that was a lot like EMC, simple, but unique. We didn't need a whole lot of miscellaneous things, we enjoyed the little things that made the server great. And then the server started to take off. With all the new people, everyone wanted to change the server in their own way. Now, change is good, but it was too much too fast. It stopped being the server that I enjoyed playing on, and I had to abandon it. I see several correlations between that server and what is happening now.
    Am I overreacting? Yes, but I just don't want to lose EMC, as I've come to enjoy not only the server, but the people on it.
    I'll delete my other posts, as well as this one in a couple hours, as I admittedly made those without thinking them through enough, but before I do that, I would just like to say that I like your idea, it's something I haven't heard before, I just kinda flashed back to the other server i used to play on, it was childish, i admit and regret that, but again, I would just hate to lose EMC, and prior experience hasn't taught me to be very optimistic. I hope we can forget about the stupid things i said, and move on with the thread.
  12. +1 for this idea of group names :D
    Don't say I didn't warn you only 8 hours ago that people wouldn't like that :rolleyes:.
    No need to fret though, I know Black's comment was purely humorous and lighthearted.
    Let's move on from there shall we? :)
  13. Thanks Lucky, but I deny having any association with you in any way, shape, or form :p.
  14. I like this idea, as long as it's limited to just the name over the player's head and doesn't have any affect on the chat. +1
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  15. I like it.