[SUGGESTION] Gold Voucher at one year of voting

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  1. I think the title is fairly straightforward, but I'll elaborate a little bit.
    Voting every day for an entire year isn't the easiest thing in the world. With things in real life, it's likely that people might miss a day and have their streak roll back a couple of days, postponing the amount of time it takes to get to a full year.
    To better reward the achievement of voting for one year, I would like to suggest the added vote bonus of a gold supporter voucher (for one month) after one year of voting. Because this is a one time reward and only after a straight year of voting, I don't think that it would affect supportership too much as not a ton of people would do it.
    I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!
  2. I wonder that you suggest it to be a one-time reward.
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  3. I like it!
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  4. +1 I love this idea
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  5. I suppose it could be every 365 days - I hadn't considered that.
    Maybe gold at 365 and diamond at 730? That would be a pretty big jump, but two years is a pretty sizable chunk of time.
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  6. I do like the idea of more rewards, especially as prestigious as this, however I think it should be a little slower, perhaps and iron at 1 year? gold at 2 and diamond at 3?
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  7. +1 This is a great idea as it gives people a chance to try out some supporter perks. It also might be good in the long run as people who have never got paid supporter before might decide they want to get it after experiencing their free month.
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  8. I had initially considered this; however, I felt that the scaling was a bit too slow, as the number of people who have reached three years of voting is fairly low. Maybe it could be iron at 6 months, gold at one year, and diamond at two years or something? That way it moves a bit quicker.
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  9. I'll look at it more, though the rupees that you receive from voting are plentiful enough to attain whatever supporter level voucher you want, if you save them up. That, and vote bonus days aren't exactly the same as real days. We SHOULD have another Vote Contest around the corner though. Aikar just had to fix the tracking code so that we could do it easily.
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  10. Oh sweet, that's awesome to hear. Thanks for the response!
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  11. I would disagree with this. As you can't reset your streak, I think two years isn't any more impressive than two times one year. So if it's gold at one year, it should also be gold at two years, as only one year has passed since the previous voucher. I know that you could try to counter this by saying "Well, for the first day of voting you get 300 rupees, so for the sixtieth day of voting you should also get 300 rupees, because only one day has passed since the fifty-ninth day", but it's different at such a scale. If I'm not mistaken, the rupee rewards also actually do repeat. I think (and hope) that you get the same amount of rupees at 60 as at 120 days, but if it isn't so, that's probably left over from the time when your streak did reset.
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  12. +1! I love this idea!
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