[Suggestion] Gold Voters Armor

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  1. With the addition of Piglins to the game, it would be nice to have some unbreakable Gold Armor. I would even consider it to be more useful than the diamond voter armor so it can be added in the 300-400 vote streak range.
  2. i totaly agree i want to look like that you have my vote maybe diamond
    maybe even gold tools before diamond
  3. I'm tempted to "no" this as overpowered, but I have to give it a +1 in jungle green. Voter's leather armor could be handy to deal with powder snow in groves and snowy slopes, so why not also have gold armor to deal with piglins in nether wastes, crimson forests and bastion remnants? Besides, gold armor is still weak for other things, even if less so than leather.
  4. i like it
  5. Would lower distractions whilst building in netherworlds
    More custom voters items
    2️⃣ 👍 👍 🆙
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  6. i agree
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