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  1. So with the iron tools becoming the better dimond tools.. maybe the leather armor should do the same. Gold armor never gets any love cuz you can break it so eisily but with the unbreakable, itd be a pretty weak armor set but its better than leather. Reply ur thoughts!
  2. Not a bad idea...
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  3. Im going to say -1 because we have enough voters Armour and I bet Aikar and the others Devs would not do this, also if we put Gold Voter armour, why not just put diamond voters armour.
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  4. Cuz diamond voters armor is incredibly overpowered
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  5. +1 Great idea imo, makes people who have all the gear etc from voting want to continue voting if they have stopped, also exex has a point on how gold armour isnt that good anyway so it wouldnt be overpowered but is defo better than leather.

    I have a idea to tag with yours though, as the voters arrmour can be dyed and be personlized which is cool, maybe the Dev's can make it so the current armour is upgraded to better enchants? This would be good as leather armour is the classic voters armour at the end of the day and still makes people wanna get it and vote.
  6. Tough one. I only use voters armour. I've usually played on diff 5-7 without much issue. Now I'm pretty much on diff 1 as I don't really have any interest in fighting mobs, just building, so the current voters armour is more then I need. More voters items are always great for collecting but I think adding gold or other versions will hurt enchanted armour sales even more.
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  7. I'd disagree with changing the voters armor from leather to gold because gold gives you more defense than leather and since they're unbreakable armor, it makes you stronger than if you were wearing leather. So I'd say no.
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  8. Not changing leather to gold, adding gold. You keep the leather one and gain the gold one when u streak goes up
  9. I was saying if we had gold and leather vote armor then just put all types of armor...
  10. I'm happy with the leather armour and personally don't think we need gold armour to add to it.
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  11. I thought this was suggested before. I think there was a list being thought of by staff. I guess this is a nice bump for krysyy I suppose.
  12. I think it's not a bad idea. The first which would come to mind is "OP", but that would be jumping to conclusions in my opinion. Thing is: the leather voters armor isn't solely leather: it also has several enchantments on it which boosts its usability a bit more. Add those into the equation and I think that you'll find that it sits closer to the protection level of gold than you might realize.

    Also noteworthy: if you're standing right next to a creeper while wearing gold armor you'll die just as badly as if you were while wearing voters armor.

    The main issue would be the enchantments. I think there's room for variation here as well. The current gear has Aqua affinity & Respiration. I could imagine that a new set might use something different. For example: Respiration could be replaced by Depth strider, so you can't hold your breath as long but in return you could move faster.

    The general Protection enchant (in some cases even Protection III) could be swapped & reduced as well. Say Fire & Projectile protection I on 2 pieces and nothing on the rest.

    This would add quite some variation to the whole survival part in my opinion without the risk of making things too OP I think.
  13. Krysyy where r u?(bump)
  14. I think maybe one has fire prot one has prot one has blast prot and one has projectile prot, and all have thorns
  15. Don't always relie on Krysyy on this
  16. I rely on someone to come and tell me if this is denied or not lol. Im bein patint and just added that to the bump message to attempt and get her attention
  17. Yes, but don't go like, where are you Krysyy
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  18. K the next bumps just gonna say bump